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What Sets Us Apart

Integrated Fertility & Wellness ProgramIntegrated Fertility Wellness Program

RMACT is the only fertility practice in Connecticut with an in-house comprehensive fertility wellness care team called IFW (Integrated Fertility and Wellness program). At RMACT, we have found that patients who are able to quiet the chaos that infertility can cause in their lives have a better experience and better success rates. We help support our patients’ emotional, mental and physical well-being while un­dergoing infertility treatment through our unique offerings of integrated services. RMACT’s comprehensive services improve a patient’s chance for fertility success by opti­mizing their overall health. The IFW program includes acupuncture, licensed therapists, a nutrition program with certified nutritionists, Fertile Yoga, peer support groups, the PathtoFertility blog, third party professionally led support groups and more.

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