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Nutritionist: Jennifer Walsh, RDN

Meet Jennifer Walsh, RDN, our newest nutritionist at RMA of Connecticut! Jennifer joins our existing nutritionist, Jill Hickey, RDN, to help even more patients meet their nutritional and fertility goals.

After attending Penn State and spending ten years in the event planning industry, Jennifer decided to follow her passions and pursue a career in nutritional counseling. 

She received her Masters in Nutrition from Hunter College and has worked to provide nutrition care at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Morgan Stanley Childrens Hospital in NYC, and an outpatient clinic in New York City, counseling women and children. 
Jenn enjoys working with people and guiding them to reach their nutritional goals. Bringing a wealth of knowledge to our practice, she has specialized expertise teaching women with newly diagnosed Gestational Diabetes how to control blood sugar during pregnancy. She looks forward to working with our patients to help them be as healthy as possible - whether they're trying to conceive, managing PCOS, or other challenges. In her personal life, she's a big sports fan - cheering on the Yankees, Penn State football, and UConn basketball teams!
We are so excited to have her join our Fertility Nutrition Counseling team.

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