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Social Distancing and Infertility? There’s a Binge-Worthy Show for That!

Struggling with what to do while you’re practicing Social Distancing? We at RMA of CT made a list of shows and films that cover a topic we know ...

6 min read


Trying to Conceive? Follow the 90-Day Preconception Checklist

A healthy, successful pregnancy is our number one goal. Whether you’re thinking about trying or actively TTC, take these fertility-friendly steps ...

8 min read


[VIDEO] Dr. Spencer Richlin on WWLP | COVID-19 & Fertility

Dr. Spencer Richlin discussed COVID-19 and the impact on fertility treatments, particularly IVF, during this time.  He answers questions like ...

5 min read


Breathe | A Real Way to Cope with Covid-19 Stress

Our Fertility Nurse breaks down stress and coronavirus, plus offers a FREE personal health coaching session. As someone going through IVF or other ...

6 min read


We Are With You | A Message From RMA of CT Director of Mental Services

During this time of COVID-19 and social distancing, struggling with infertility can seem like an all-time high. Lisa Schuman, the Director of ...

4 min read


Fertility-Boosting Nutrition: A Real Diet Plan to End All Diet Plans

Keto, cleanses, paleo – what if we told you it could be much less restrictive and stressful? RMA of CT’s Dietitian Jill Hickey breaks down ...

10 min read