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Valentine’s Day and Infertility: How to Cope

From chocolate to self-affirmations, here are real ways women with infertility deal with the pressures of Valentine’s Day. Whether you love to ...

5 min read


PCOS Gurl has a #Heart4PCOS | The Link Between PCOS and Cardiac Risk

PCOS can affect the entire body, from mind to heart to blood. That's why women with PCOS need to be aware of the cardiovascular risks. Ashley ...

4 min read


Helping Black Women With Infertility: Organizations You Need to Know

Support is out there, and we've done our best to round it up! Here are four of the top organizations devoted to helping black men and women ...

6 min read


Meet Our Doctors [Doctor Bios & Videos]

RMA of Connecticut is led by top fertility doctors that are experts in infertility and reproductive endocrinology. Our CT doctors are ...

8 min read


[Video] Hilariously Infertile Visits RMA of Connecticut: A Fertility Clinic Tour

Karen Jeffries (Hilariously Infertile) is an infertility advocate. She joined us at RMA of Connecticut for a behind the scenes look at our ...

8 min watch


RMA of Connecticut Acupuncturists Amy Matton & Elaine Malin Receive Doctorate Degree

RMA of Connecticut's Amy Matton & Elaine Malin receives doctorate achievements in the area of acupuncture & Chinese Medicine.

2 min read