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Our Integrated Fertility and Wellness Team

Fertility Counseling: Melissa Kelleher LCSW

Melissa works with couples and individuals during their fertility journey, helping them handle loss and disappointments, as well as giving them the tools to make decisions related to their fertility challenges. Melissa will be onsite at the Norwalk, Danbury and Trumbull offices; she is available for appointments or spontaneous meetings, schedule permitting.

Since becoming a licensed social worker in 2006, Melissa has worked with patients handling stress from a variety of situations, which she anticipates will give her useful perspective for fertility patients. In particular, her previous work with teens and parents of pediatric patients gives her relevant experience for many PCOS patients. Melissa has been working with fertility patients for several years, primarily with Third Party recipients and donors.

Kelleher earned her Masters in Social Work from New York University and she graduated cum laude from State University of New York at Albany. She has been working as a Master Level Social Worker (MSW) since 1997, and earned her LCSW from New York State in 2006 (when it was first offered) and from Connecticut in 2013.

Melissa’s services are covered by many insurance companies; please speak with your financial advisor for more information.

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