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  • Integrated Fertility & Wellness Program

    Complementary Care Program

    Undergoing infertility testing and treatment is often compared to riding an emotional rollercoaster. Very few couples anticipate that they will ever need to see a fertility specialist to help them become pregnant; for many, entering an infertility treatment center is a very difficult step to take.

    At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut, we understand that the process of trying to have a baby when things are not going “according to plan” can be extremely stressful and upsetting. We have introduced a program to address these issues called the Integrated Fertility & Wellness Program.

    Integrated Fertility and Wellness Program

    This fertility care program was designed for our patients and includes activities that have been proven to help both women and men improve their coping skills, decrease their stress, and achieve an overall improved sense of well-being while they are going through the rigors of fertility treatment. We encourage you to try as many of the services as possible and figure out which ones work best for you. These include the following services:

    Support Groups

    Individual/Marital Therapy




    In addition to our Integrated Fertility & Wellness Program offerings, there are other activities which can be done at home that help patients tremendously to cope with the daily stress of infertility treatment:

    There are numerous meditation and relaxation classes, CDs and DVDs on the market, all focusing on the core principles of deep breathing, quieting the mind, and reducing muscle tension. Some people find it easier to learn meditation under the guidance of an expert, while others prefer to meditate in the privacy of their homes. Whatever works for you is great! Just remember, meditation is not something that comes easily to most people. It requires practice and commitment. But it is a very valuable tool to have in your repertoire of coping skills to get you through this experience and others that may come along in the future (including parenthood!)

    Working out can be challenging for fertility patients since certain forms of exercise are not recommended at specific points in your menstrual cycle, depending on the treatment you are undergoing. Be sure to discuss your exercise habits with your doctor. When done in moderation, exercise can be a wonderful stress reliever, and it has been proven to reduce depression. Taking a walk with a friend, swimming, dancing, kayaking, walking the dog – your focus should be on getting your body moving in ways that feel good to you.

    Integrated Fertility & Wellness Program Team

    This team of professionals is dedicated to helping couples maintain their emotional, marital, and physical balance while traveling the path to fertility.

    The Integrated Fertility and Wellness Program Team consists of fertility counselor Melissa Kelleher, LCSW; acupuncturists Amy Matton, MS, LAc, and Jing Zhang, MS, Lac; acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist Elaine M. Malin, MTCM, L.Ac.; and yoga instructor Lisa Rosenthal, RYT. These professionals are available for consultation or treatment at any time during your process.

    We strongly encourage patients to consider meeting with a member of our Integrated Fertility and Wellness Program Team early on to develop a plan for maintaining their equilibrium throughout the course of treatment at the center. They will help you review your current support systems, behavioral habits, stressors and coping skills, and develop a specific plan to improve or modify any areas where you may benefit from making some changes. They can provide you with referrals to programs within the Integrated Fertility & Wellness Program which may be of use to you, and also to programs outside of RMACT.

    Contact us for more information. Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut – We’re here for you.

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