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fertiFamilia RMACT

fertiFamilia: Your Spanish Speaking Fertility Team

At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT), we care about one thing: our patients. We want you to be well educated and comfortable with every step toward building your family, especially since infertility treatments can be overwhelming and confusing. We don’t want this complex information to simply be translated; we want to speak the same language.

That is why we created a new program to help our Spanish-speaking patients more easily understand the nuances and considerations of el tratamiento de la esterilidad—fertility treatment options. Whether in English or in Spanish, at RMACT, we combine modern science and medicine, safe and effective therapies, and highly skilled medical professionals to to help you achieve the family that you are hoping for..

Our fertiFamilia team addresses the medical, financial, logistical and cultural needs of Spanish-speaking fertility patients so all of your questions are answered and you can begin building the family you have always dreamed about.