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Infertility Resources

RMACT Infertility ResourcesIn this section we offer fertility resources to aid you on your path to fertility.    We hope you find this information useful.   Please do not hesitate to ask one of our fertility specialists, nurses or patient coordinators if you have questions.    The links below give you access to frequently asked questions, helpful information about treatment and fertility news, plus definitions of various fertility terms, and other infertility resources.

Fertility Resources

PathToFertility – Featured Posts that offer emotional and educational online support in your email every morning.

Patient Login – If you are an RMACT patient, you’ll be given access to the RMACT Patient Care Portal where you’ll find instructional videos relating to your fertility treatments, helpful advice and tools to guide you on your family building.

Patient Forms – Infertility treatment patient forms that are most common used can be downloaded from our site for easy access and reference.

Monitoring Schedules  Visit our location's monitoring schedule. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Get the most commonly asked questions during the early stages of pregnancy.

Glossary of Terms – Fertility terms usually mentioned during a visit with one of our infertility specialists.

Join RMACT Community –  Join the RMACT community for all the latest in fertility news, infertility videos, and all other up-to-date information on RMACT events including our Path to Fertility blog, which keeps you updated on infertility treatments in a compassionate and caring way.  Also see our fertility news section and visit our CT & NY infertility clinic Facebook page.

Infertility Resources Online – Various fertility resources online to help give you as much information as possible on your journey to getting pregnant.

Pay Online – Pay online through our secure payment network. 

Financing  In addition to providing infertility treatment financial counseling to our patients, we also offer a financing program that provides convenient, low-interest payment plans designed specifically for financing fertility treatments. 

Policies - General policies related to RMACT, our partner sites and affiliated programs. These policies are subject to change at any time.

Email Encryption – At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut, the health, well-being, and privacy of our patients are top priorities—that’s why we’re adopting Microsoft's email encryption service to better protect our patients' health information.

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