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Our Patient Care Team

Fertility Specialists at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut



Physician Assistant: Diana D’Amelio, RPA-C

Our resident physicians’ assistant, Diana D’Amelio, RPA, serves multiple functions at the Norwalk and Danbury offices of Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut. As a clinician, she sees patients and performs physicals and procedures like endometrial biopsies, ultrasounds and saline sonograms. In addition to reproductive medicine patients, she sees many of the PCOS adolescent population.  Diana often does morning monitoring for our patients and evaluates oocyte donors.



Genetic Counselor: James Speer, M.S.

James Speer, M.S., certified genetic counselor, has over 10 years of experience in the fertility field. As the medical field’s understanding of genetic conditions expands and testing becomes more comprehensive, there is a growing need from fertility patients to work with a specialist to understand and consider their options.




  Genetic Counselor: Anthony Porto, M.S.

  Anthony Porto, M.S. is the newest member of RMA of Connecticut's genetic              counseling team. As a certified genetic counselor, he helps patients understand        their genetic testing results, review their options and provides insight.



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  Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Midwife: Christina Polesky, CNM, MSN

  Christina Polesky, CNM, MSN is a certified nurse midwife and nurse practitioner.        She brings a unique background of midwifery, obstetrics and gynecology, and           prenatal and labor/delivery care to her role at RMA of Connecticut. Additionally,         she is an experienced fertility nurse with American Society for Reproductive               Medicine (ASRM) certification.


Nursing Team of Fertility Specialists

Our nursing team is an integral part of RMACT. As an RMACT patient, you’ll be assigned your own primary nurse who will guide, educate and assist you with all aspects of your infertility treatment.

Fertility Medical Assistants

Our team of Medical Assistants is experienced in phlebotomy and other aspects of patient care. They work closely with our physicians and nurses, assisting them in providing quality patient care in a friendly and nurturing atmosphere.

Expert Fertility Laboratory Team

RMACT’s IVF Laboratory includes andrology, endocrinology and embryology services. The combined effort of these laboratories contributes greatly to our continuing successes in IUI and IVF practices. Read more about the services our labs provide in the Fertility Treatments section of our website.

Infertility Insurance and Finance Services

RMACT’s financial services representatives understand that fertility treatment presents emotional and financial challenges. Your personal financial representative will proactively research your fertility insurance provider benefits to ensure that you understand the scope of your fertility treatment costs and the provider benefits before and during your fertility treatment cycle, surgeries, and medication orders.

Patient Services

Our Patient Services Department includes our Patient Care Coordinators and Front Desk Representatives.

RMACT’s non-clinical Patient Care Coordinators are the primary point of contact for patients throughout the fertility treatment cycle. Working closely with our nurses and physicians, the Patient Coordinators ensure that our patients receive the best possible care. Our goal is the maintenance of open lines of communication between the patient, physician, nurse and clinical staff to help make sure our patients’ needs are met throughout their treatment at RMACT.

The Front Desk Representatives are talented professionals who focus on making every appointment with your fertility specialist as stress free as possible for you. Whether you need to schedule a return visit or have questions that need answers, our front desk representatives are equipped to handle your needs.

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