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Male Factor Infertility | Are You Cooking Your Balls? Blog Feature

Male Factor Infertility | Are You Cooking Your Balls?

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As Men's Health Month winds down, we'd like to remind you that laughing doesn't just feel good, it's good for you." Laughing maintains a healthy endothelium and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke." LOU - Laughter Online University. 

To that end, Shaun Williams, MD from Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT) will be joined by Sara Naab from "Don't Cook Your Balls" (DCYB) for a Facebook Live conversation that will cover everything about the male reproductive system - from soup to nuts. This light-hearted discussion will start with the best practices for maintaining good reproductive health to the most common causes of male infertility issues and everything in-between.

While Don't Cook Your Balls is designed to make you smile, taking care of the whole person is actually a serious health subject. Dr. Williams & Sara Naab  hear more about this often ignored system in the body, the male reproductive system.

If you have time, take the 10 minute questionnaire on the DCYB website, designed to give you the basic information about caring for the male reproductive system. Hint- this quiz can be taken by the man's partner. And the Facebook Live chat can also be attended by a partner or spouse. 

And to leave you laughing and in the team spirit, here's a little known fact about the male reproductive system: "There are sperm that play defense - a portion of your sperm act as defenders, as well as others that simply run interference." More on that from 15 Things You Didn't Know About Sperm.