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Jamie Speer

James Speer, M.S., a certified genetic counselor, has over 10 years of experience in the fertility field. As the medical field’s understanding of genetic conditions expands and testing becomes more comprehensive, there is a growing need from fertility patients to work with a specialist to understand and consider their options.

Blog Feature

genetic testing

By: Jamie Speer
October 2nd, 2020

PGT is an embryo analysis that allows for the transfer of the healthiest embryos, improving pregnancy success rates and allowing for genetic disorder avoidance. RMA of CT Genetic Counselor explains the innovative technology, the benefits, and differences among PGT-A, PGT-M, and PGT-SR.

Blog Feature

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) | genetic testing

By: Jamie Speer
September 25th, 2019

Today, couples who carry the sickle cell trait can pursue different options and avoid passing the disease to their children. For them, they can try IVF combined with a technique called preimplantation genetic testing.

Blog Feature

Fertility | genetic testing

By: Jamie Speer
March 28th, 2018

RMACT's Genetic Counselor, Jamie Speer, answers the most commonly asked questions that he encounters about trisomy, in recognition of Trisomy Awareness Month.