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Egg Freezing for Future Success

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You have your priorities sorted, and at the top of your list is your career, furthering your education, or deepening your personal relationships. Family planning is important to you, but you aren’t ready for a baby just yet. Fortunately, modern technology has allowed women to stay in control of their family building plans with the availability of egg freezing.

At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT), we combine the most modern scientific and medical procedures, safe and effective therapies, and highly skilled medical professionals so you can plan for and achieve a family on your timeline.

While you are considering freezing your eggs in hopes of a future pregnancy, it is likely you still have questions about the procedure. Below are answers to a few of those possible concerns. You can also sign up for a virtual egg freezing seminar.

How do I get started with the egg freezing process?

Your first visit will likely last between one-and-a half to two hours. Here is what you can expect:

  • You will meet with your physician (board certified reproductive endocrinologist), who will review your records, ask for any additional reproductive and medical information needed, and work with you to understand your family building goals
  • Your physician will likely recommend a physical exam
  • Blood work may be drawn to screen for genetic issues

You will also meet your Patient Care Team, which consists of your assigned fertility nurse, patient navigator and financial services representative.

Getting Started with Egg Freezing
First Visit

At RMACT, you’ll know you and your future family are in the best possible hands. Contact us here to schedule a new patient appointment at one of our fertility treatment centers.


What does freezing my eggs actually consist of?

Because just one egg matures with each monthly cycle, the process begins with you receiving fertility medications (including injections) to boost your ovaries to release more than one egg at a time. This is called ovarian stimulation and can help your body make more mature eggs ready to be fertilized per month.

To retrieve your eggs, you will be sedated as your physician uses a special transvaginal ultrasound probe equipped with a needle guide into each ovary to harvest (remove) your eggs. This is a same day procedure. The eggs will then be frozen using a rapid freezing method called vitrification. These frozen eggs can then be thawed when you decide to you are ready to start your family. Your eggs are then mixed with sperm to form embryos and replaced into your uterus.

Once your eggs are frozen, they can last indefinitely.

You are in control of your treatment, every step of the way. The decisions are yours to make. Your Patient Care Team will work with you to ensure you are educated regarding every option and you feel comfortable with your progress.

What will it cost to freeze my eggs?

Fees vary depending on your specific situation; however, it can be estimated that a round of freezing will cost about $10,000. Storage fees of about $500 a year should also be taken into consideration.

If you are considering freezing your eggs for health reasons, these costs may be lower and some assistance programs are available. Please notify us if this is the case before the initial consultation.


You should never have to put your family planning on hold due to your financial status or your insurance coverage. With these treatment finance plans, it is possible to afford the treatment you need to proactively plan for the family you deserve.

Want to learn more about the costs of treatment?

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What Support Does RMACT Offer to Women Like Me?

To provide the support you need, we have created and implemented the Integrated Fertility and Wellness Program. Our goal is to relieve some of the stress you are feeling associated with egg freezing. We are here to answer any questions you may have during the process. 

Our program is designed to include activities proven to help women achieve an overall improved sense of well being while in egg freezing treatment. Options include:



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RMACT Patient Portal

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Fertile Counseling

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Support Groups

Support Groups

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Fertile Counseling


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We encourage you to try as many programs as you like to find what truly works for you.

Start your story with us today.


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