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Affording Treatment

Surrogacy Opportunity Plans

The Surrogacy Plan at RMA of Connecticut

The Surrogacy Plan at RMACT is designed to help individuals and couples who use a surrogate have more control over the cost of treatment. The Surrogacy Plan covers semen analysis with sperm cryopreservation if needed, infectious disease testing for the intended parent(s), anesthesia for the retrieval of oocytes, costs related to egg retrieval, embryology laboratory charges, embryo transfer into the gestational carrier, cryopreservation of embryos, and the first year of storage. In the event the embryo transfer is unsuccessful and does not result in a live birth, the Surrogacy Plan covers the cost of an additional frozen embryo transfer.

The Surrogacy Plan Plus

The Surrogacy Plan Plus from RMA of Connecticut (RMACT) is available to individuals and couples who want to have better control over costs when building a family using a surrogate (sometimes referred to as a gestational carrier). Our program minimizes financial risk and provides a refund if treatment is not successful. This refund makes it possible for you to explore other family building options.

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