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Egg Freezing Opportunity Plan

Egg Freezing Cost Plan

RMACT has created The Egg Freezing Opportunity Plan for women that choose to delay having a baby. It is the only all-inclusive egg freezing treatment plan in the Tri-State Connecticut Region that includes medications. Our Egg Freezing Opportunity Plan is designed to prevent any financial obstacles from interfering with future family planning.

During the egg freezing cycle, women are treated with medications to recruit multiple eggs (oocytes) at one time. The goal is to help your body recruit more mature eggs than it otherwise would on its own. The eggs are then frozen using a rapid-freezing method called vitrification. These eggs can be cryo-preserved safely for any period of time and then thawed when you decide the time is right for you to start your family.

Patients who choose The Egg Freezing Opportunity Plan at RMACT are treated by our outstanding team of Physicians, nurses and other specially trained patient care professionals. To find out if The Egg Freezing Opportunity Plan is right for you, please contact us here.

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