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Overcoming PCOS with IVF: A True Patient Experience

PCOS Couple


An Early Diagnosis

At 17 years old, Nia was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, commonly referred to as PCOS. “I always knew I would have trouble conceiving, however, I didn’t know how much trouble until I started trying,” Nia admits.

PCOS is a fairly common medical condition, affecting 5 – 10% of women of reproductive age, which causes infertility by preventing women from ovulating. In terms of conceiving a baby, the hormonal imbalances created by PCOS prevent the ovary from ovulating and releasing an egg to meet with the sperm.

Nia and her husband tried to get pregnant on their own for six months with no luck. At that point, Nia’s OB/GYN recommended ovulation induction therapy, a process that would increase the number of eggs ovulated each month. When they still were not getting pregnant after three months, Nia decided to schedule an appointment with board certified Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr. Joshua Hurwitz.


Getting Healthy with RMACT’s Integrated Health and Wellness (IFW) Program

Looking back to the beginning of her treatment with RMACT, Nia speaks truthfully: “I needed to get healthy before I could proceed.”

Nia did not hesitate to meet with RMACT’s Fertility Nutrition Program and PCOS Clinic Director, Carolyn Gundell, MS. After a nutrition assessment, Nia benefited from individualized meal plans, advice on how to develop positive relationships with food, and on-going motivational counseling sessions with Carolyn.

“I worked hard to lose weight with the help of Carolyn Gundell,” Nia recalls.


CCS + FET = IVF Success

After one unsuccessful cycle with IUI, Nia moved on to IVF. Her first cycle of IVF was cancelled due to low egg production. In her second IVF cycle, Nia elected to participate in RMACT’s Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS) service. CCS offers the opportunity to have embryos screened for abnormalities in their number of chromosomes before transfer.

Nia had a successful frozen embryo transfer (FET) after having CCS, on her second IVF cycle.

“I now have beautiful twin boys who are 6 months old and the light of my life.” 


Tell us about your experience with your RMACT Care Team:

“I had the most amazing experience at RMA of Connecticut. Dr. Hurwitz is such a great doctor. He is kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. I would not be where I am today without him. Also, the nurses and the entire RMACT staff are wonderful. Finally, Carolyn Gundell changed my life for good. I am beyond grateful. I look forward to working with them again as my husband and I try for baby #3.”


What is one piece of advice you would offer a friend who was having trouble conceiving?

“I would tell my friend to seek help. I have already referred some friends to RMACT. Infertility is hard, and you should not go through it alone.”


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