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    Fertility Success Stories

    At RMACT, we always appreciate hearing how we’ve helped our patients with one of the most important and moving transitions in their lives.

    We share some of their wonderful stories here.

    "Amazing doctors, nurses, and medical assistance. You walk in the door and they already know who you are. You truly feel like family with RMA!" - Nicole Koury


    Become a member of our family so we can help you create yours.

    Circle of Support – A Team Approach to Overcoming Infertility

    RMACT patient Alyson credits the positive, embracing circle of support at RMACT and the Integrated Fertility and Wellness (IFW) program for helping her through treatment.

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    My Little Easter Egg – Secondary Infertility

    On her visit to RMACT, Nicole C. learned she had PCOS and her husband had issues with sperm count and motility. She shares her IUI & IVF journeys, her insurance troubles, and the individualized support she received from the RMACT team.

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    Overcoming PCOS with IVF

    RMACT patient Nia was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome at 17. When her and her husband had trouble getting pregnant, they came to RMACT.

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    Male Factor Infertility

    RMACT patient Jessica T. shares her journey with male factor infertility and using donor sperm.

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    “...RMA was extraordinary”

    From start to finish our experience at RMA was extraordinary. From our first phone call to the waiting room to the blood draw room to the doctors visit - we were always welcomed warmly with hugs, smiles, and positivity. Every doctor was pleasant, professional, warm and down to earth. RMA and the staff are all angels on earth! We are so grateful for our greatest blessing of all thanks to RMA, our daughter Seraphina. Thank you for making our dreams come true! 

    ~ A.P. Fishkill, NY

    ...RMA was all it took to change our lives”

    After several unsuccessful at becoming pregnant- including failed IVF cycles, we were determined to find a clinic that could help us achieve our family planning plans. We required a high degree of skill and experience- but also moral support and compassion. Dr. Hurwitz and the RMA team provided all of this and so much more! One successful cycle at RMA was all it took to change our lives. We are grateful beyond words for our healthy and happy children. We are so lucky to have found RMA.

    ~ L.V. Stamford, CT

    Fertility Treatment Patients Share Their Stories

    “They genuinely cared about me as a person…”

    The caring attitude of all of the staff at RMA of CT made all the difference to me. The best way to describe RMA of CT is like a well-oiled machine.  Everything is very organized so the patient is never left wondering what will happen next.  I was assigned my own nurse, Linda, and Patient Care Coordinator, Angie. Both of these women were on top of everything.  They kept me well informed and genuinely cared about me as a person.  I would recommend RMA of CT to anyone going through infertility.

    ~ C.E. Wilton, CT

    I stumbled upon a team of gems.

    When we decided to have a second child, we thought it would be just as easy to conceive as with our first. However, the long months rolled by with ovulation kits, several negative pregnancy tests, and unproductive doctor appointments with my internist and gynecologist. I started to doubt my body and instinctively knew something was a little off with me, but unsure as to what to do next. Not wanting to talk about it with family or friends, I was surfing the Internet one day and found RMACT. My first consultation with Dr. Leondires was very promising. He spent so much time going over everything and made me feel so relaxed, safe, and reassured. Then I met with Mary and Justine and knew that I stumbled upon a team of gems. Over the next few months, Dr. Leondires identified some issues and in an instant he devised a simple plan. With the guidance of Mary and Justine and the rest of the wonderful staff at RMA, my husband and I found out we were expecting our second child. It was the end of a very frustrating and lonely journey and the beginning of beautiful miracle. Thank you Dr. Leondires, and the most supportive, positive, and caring staff. Our experience at RMA will always be treasured!


    ~ E.M. Ridgefield, CT

    Angels In Disguise”

    I truly do not where to begin. We came to RMACT to see Dr. Richlin in May 2012 and found out of my infertility. As every woman that has been diagnosed with this, I was distraught, as was my husband. I never EVER thought I would ever be able to (a) conceive and (b) use my own eggs (the ones I didn’t really have left) to conceive, yet miracles do happen. Dr. Richlin kept positive and telling us how we would both become parents, and that it just may take some time – not that it was impossible; especially due to my age (I’m 31; my husband’s 36 and there is absolutely NO infertility in both our families – I was the first). We jumped through all the hoops and in 3.5 months we conceived – w/my own eggs!!!!!! On 9/28/12 we were discharged (as I was in my 9th week), which was bittersweet as we didn’t want to leave them, and have been with an OB/GYN; I am now heading into my 20th week and everything has been moving along splendidly – including our baby boy who is very active and I’m now getting ready for those kicks (we are due beginning of May 2013)! We could’ve never done this w/out them; it just wouldn’t have been possible. Throughout the whole trying ordeal Dr. Richlin “held our hands” through it all and was constantly positive – he was the ray of light so to speak. Dr. Richlin, our nurse Linda, patient care coordinator Rachel, Tina, Dr. Leondires (who did my retrieval) and Dr. Hurwitz (who did the transfer) all hold a very special place in our hearts – they have become like family and we were blessed to have been able to be with them through this trying time, but we did it, and it’s all thanks to them! We will never ever forget them (we still keep in touch & will continue to), this is truly one group that shines and is the REAL place to go to for infertility (yes there IS hope), as they truly do perform miracles! Thank you so very much for our lil’ miracle that is on the way!!!!!!

    ~ J.M. Yonkers, NY

    “The whole staff was lovely, caring and respectful…”

    My husband and I were lucky to make an appointment with Dr. Leondires at RMACT almost 2 years ago. After suffering a very bad experience at a very well known international medical center and what I thought was the end of the road for me, Dr. Leondires offered us trust, knowledge and love. He was very convinced when he told us not to give up because he was not going to do it on us and those words changed the whole perspective and gave us HOPE. Something that was very much needed at that time.

    We worked together as a team especially with our assigned nurse Brigitte who was always there for us. I went to their complementary classes coordinated by Carrie for Fertile yoga, Ladies night, nutrition classes, etc. The whole staff was lovely, caring and respectful of our needs.

    The infertility road wasn’t easy, mostly was bumpy with a lot of tears and disappointments. In our case, we underwent three IVF’s which not always had a happy outcome. It helped us to have our Doctor always on call for us, even on weekends. Several times he checked on me and made sure I was doing ‘ok’ after unexpected news. My nurse did the same, always making sure I was doing ok and me feel that she was there for me. They made us feel that support is key when a couple needs to do so much in order to become real their dream of having a baby and they were RIGHT.

    All these memories are in the past now, we are super-blessed to be pregnant! I can feel my baby’s kicks inside of me and it feels like it was all worth it. We will never forget what Dr. Leondires and his staff did for us. Our hearts belong to them. We will be forever grateful.

    God bless them all.

    ~ M.A., Mahopac, NY

    “There is no question that they [RMACT] are the BEST…”

    We thank God for our healthy, beautiful daughter everyday and feel so fortunate to have the RMACT team as part of our lives.  This team takes time with all of their patients and continuously shows care and kindness and offers support.  We were with other centers prior to finding RMA of Connecticut and there is no question that they are the BEST!!

    ~ A.G., Ossining, NY 

    “You provided us with smiles, support and hope . . . “

    Dear Dr. Richlin, Cathie, Melissa and all of the wonderful RMA Staff,
    Thank you so much for your compassionate, informative and positive attitudes.  During an emotional time you provided us with smiles, support and hope.  We had such a positive experience at RMA and are thrilled that our dream of a 2nd child is coming true.  THANK YOU!!

    ~ A.P., Fairfield, CT

    “All the doors suddenly began to open . . . “

    My husband and I were introduced to RMA approximately two and a half years ago. We were devastated. We had been trying to have a second child for about a year without any luck. How was it possible to have a honeymoon baby without any problems and then have such trouble? It had never occurred to me that having a baby, the most natural thing in the world, might never happen. We had started with an OB and some Clomid. When that did not work she recommended Dr. Spencer Richlin.

    All the doors suddenly began to open. Infertility is a scary and confusing time. There are emotional highs and lows and steps that are exhausting and draining. Step by step, all the doctors and staff at RMA took us through 4 IUI and and 4 IVF procedures.

    The Doctors, nurses, and technicians all worked as a team to get positive results. There was constant tweaking and changes to procedures and medications. Constant monitoring to make sure that you, the patient, were receiving the best care and the baby that everyone is looking for. There was always someone to answer questions or just listen when the results were not what anyone wants to hear. There were also heart to heart conversations about the reality of money and odds.

    After two and a half years, I am happy to report that with the help of the RMA team we will be having a little girl in March of 2012. It is because of the amazing RMA staff that our family will be complete.

    ~ J.A., Southport, CT

    “The nurses at RMA felt like friends . . . “

    I can not say enough about the care and attention I received from the doctors, nurses and staff at RMA of Connecticut. Infertility is a stressful and scary word that no one wants to admit has happened to them. My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Leondires after leaving another practice. The difference was night and day! He was always on time and spent time with us. I never felt rushed or that he was annoyed by my questions. He is extremely knowledgeable and up to date on the needs of his patients. Dr. Leondires was very hands-on, sometimes calling me after hours just to check on me! The nurses at RMA are also top-notch. I received my share of good and bad news….both were presented in a kind and compassionate manner. They felt like friends! Thank you Carrie, Laura, and of course Kathleen! I am happy to say that I am currently pregnant after a frozen embryo transfer. I am so grateful to everyone at RMA!

    ~ C. B. Poughquag, NY

    “Your commitment has changed the lives of so many people, including us . . . “

    Words cannot express how thankful we are to you and your wonderful staff for all of your help and support during this process.  Our fears, doubts, and anxiety about this process quickly dissipated after meeting with you for our initial consultation. Each staff member that we came into contact with further validated out confidence in RMACT.  We truly felt we were not in this alone.  Throughout the process we greatly appreciated your realistic approach, your honesty, and most of all your sense of humor.  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions regarding medical procedures in a manner that we could understand.  Thank you for personally calling us prior to each procedure.  Those calls meant so much to both of us and again reminded us that we were not alone.  Most of all thank you for the call to inform us that this cycle was successful.  Having such a professional, intelligent, caring team behind us made this a very positive experience.  It really takes a special team of individuals to do what you do every day.  It is evident that your extensive knowledge, medical expertise, your commitment to your patients, and your welcoming personality has changed the lives of so many people, including us!  You and your team truly make a difference.

    ~ K. S., New Windsor, NY

    “The dedication of our doctor, nurses, and staff was an experience we will always treasure . . . “

    I believe God brings people, some for a short period of time and others forever, into our lives, and although I was RMACT for a little over a year, they will be a part of our lives forever.  The dedication of our doctor, Dr. Hurwitz, and nurses and staff was an experience that we will always treasure.  Their follow through, care, concern and the attitude that “we will never give up” is an attitude that still brings tears of joy to my eyes!  I thank God every day for our pregnancy and I thank God for bringing RMA of Connecticut into our lives.

    ~ A.G., Scarborough, NY

    “Thank you for going the extra mile for your patients . . . “

    Dear Dr. Leondires,

    We never thought we would be in a position where we had to worry about weekly blood tests, nightly injections and tearful consultations just to have a baby but life is full of things you don’t expect – some good and some challenging. Through this particular challenge, you have been a great guide and support. You have always helped us understand all of our options, considered the cost/insurance impacts with us, and in the end helped us choose a course of treatment that was right for our situation.

    When it became clear that things were not working as we had hoped after our first IVF cycle you were there to offer reassurance. We appreciated your flexibility and patience the week leading up to the surgery and especially the night of the surgery. You really helped us by calming our fears, helping us make a decision, and seeing us through the night (from arrival at the hospital to explaining the findings afterward). Of course, we are also thankful for the success of the procedure and the fact that we were through the hospital quickly with no further complications and with a quick recovery. The fact that you rescheduled appointments to come and do the surgery and then followed up the next day – on a Saturday – was above and beyond.

    So we just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for always hearing us out, for giving us guidance when we felt lost, for always providing hope when we feel on the edge of being hopeless, for reaching out on your day off, for going the extra mile for your patients. It means the world to us.


    ~ C.S. Weston, CT

    “The hope that you give means the world to patients . . . “

    Dear Dr. Leondires,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  I will forever remember your birthday for many reasons:

    1). We found out we were expecting on your birthday, which a week later turned out to be TWINS. 2). Considering how important you have been in our lives, we tend not to forget things like that.3). A birthday is a birthday and it’s that special day that you should be celebrated.

    You do terrific things at RMACT, you make so many people happy, and I hope that you realize that each day.  Even with the stress of the procedures and sometimes not a positive outcome, the hope that you give and the determination you show means the world to the patients.

    ~ A.K., Brewster, NY

    “We have a family thanks to RMACT . . . “

    We are the proud parents of 3 ½-year-old twin girls and a 1 ½-year-old son, all of whom were “conceived” at RMACT.  We switched from another practice to RMACT, and the difference was night and day. We have nothing but fabulous things to say about the care of our doctors and nurses at RMACT – all of whom were friendly, straight-forward, helpful and ethical.  They involved us in every decision and we always had final say. We have a family thanks to RMACT.

    ~ C.R., Norwalk, CT

    “Dr. Leondires gave us the best care that any couple could find . . . . “

    Trying to conceive our first born was a long journey with many obstacles, but through it all RMACT was tremendous.  Dr. Leondires gave us the best care and support that any couple could find.  Looking back, what stands out the most to us is the time he took to explain, often with great detail, exactly what was happening and making us comfortable with the treatment we sought.  It is not only the doctors that make a difference but the staff as well.  My patient care coordinator, Cori, and nurse, Nora, quickly got to know me. They made sure all of our needs, including my emotional ones, were met.  We will never be able to thank them enough for what they have done for us and every time I look into my son’s eyes, I am reminded of the hard work and dedication it took to help create him.

    ~ CS, Newburgh, NY

    “I am a Night Nurse and I have heard nothing but wonderful things . . . “

    I suffer from Endometriosis and was blessed with two children. I am a Night Nurse for people that have premature multiple births. Many of my clients have had Dr. Leondires as their Fertility Specialist and I have heard nothing but wonderful things about his staff, bedside manner, and results of pregnancy. Based on my clients response I would personally use and highly recommend Dr. Leondires as a specialist in his field.

    ~ Jenn

    “You gave us a chance to become a mother and father . . . “

    John and I cannot thank you enough for giving us this opportunity to announce that we are PARENTS!!  Our healthy baby boy was born in November weighing in at a hefty 8 lbs 7 oz and measuring 21 inches long.

    After all of the emotional ups and downs we traveled through along our journey of infertility, the ending has been priceless.  After being released to our OB/Gyn, the pregnancy continued to progress flawlessly and I had the most unimaginable nine months of my life! I cherished every day I was pregnant, lived every moment of it, and treasured every sensation of growing this beautiful life.

    You gave us the chance to become a mother and father, and we will be forever grateful.  Your encouragement, patience, knowledge, and magic are what brought our son to us.  He is truly a miracle and we have you to thank.

    ~ J.N., Stratford, CT

    “My nurse held my hand every step of this journey . . . “

    Everyone at RMA changed my life!  You gave my husband and me our precious little daughter.  What will remain with me for my entire life, besides this little angel we were blessed with, is the dignity, the warmth, the unwavering understanding and compassion every staff member showed me.  I never felt alone throughout this incredibly difficult experience.  Words really don’t do justice to the gratitude I have for RMACT.  A special thank you to my other angel, Linda Connolly, my nurse.  She literally and figuratively held my hand every step of this journey.

    ~ L.G., Westport, CT

    “You combine great professionalism with empathy and compassion . . . “

    Dr. Leondires, your gift as a doctor is not just that you are good at what you do; you combine great professionalism with empathy and compassion for what people like Tom and myself are experiencing.  It is hard to receive some of the news that you have to share at times, but we felt comforted by your help and totally confident in your ability to help us.  Your genuine happiness for us as we “graduated” from RMACT made it clear that you are truly in the right profession! We also wanted to tell you how fantastic your staff is, although I’m sure you already know.  Christina is just wonderful – she too combines professionalism with compassion in just the right dose.  She was so patient with all my questions and my many calls!  And Amy Matton is equally fantastic.  An hour of acupuncture with her is not only healing for the body, but also for the soul.  She has a peaceful, gentle and comforting demeanor that just permeates what she does.  It’s impossible not to feel cared for after a session!

    ~ E.S., Fairfield, CT

    “Never did a better village exist than the one we found at RMACT . . . “

    I have been trying to find a way to adequately express the sincere gratitude I feel towards the amazing team of people who took care of me during my multiple courses of fertility treatments at RMACT.  As of yet, I haven’t found any words that will do my sentiments justice.  How do you thank someone for giving you the gift of parenthood?

    Let me start by thanking all of the amazing doctors who cared for me, especially my doctor, Dr. Leondires.  Somehow, you managed to be thorough, methodical and scientific without losing your humanity.  Though you always thought carefully and critically, you remained compassionate, supportive and empathetic.  You were brutally honest, yet remained encouraging, determined and optimistic.  You treated us with dignity, respect, attention and care.  You were calm when we were frazzled, upbeat when we were discouraged and understanding when we needed to take a break to reevaluate how to proceed.  You have given us a gift greater than any other – our 2 ½ year old little girl, and the twins we have on the way – and for that you will always hold a special place in our hearts.

    Equally important to thank is my amazing cheering squad, my nurse Jocelyn and my patient coordinator Rachel.  You were always available, no matter how big or small my questions or concern was.  Your calls to check in, wish me luck, lend an ear or just find out how I was holding up meant more than you will ever know.  You were my friends, my confidants and my guiding lights, and I cannot imagine going through this process without you both on my side.  Your kindness, compassion, patience and reassurance were invaluable.

    There are countless others who made this journey easier and more pleasant.  The front desk receptionists who always remembered my name and always greeted me with a smile.  The technicians who laughed at my jokes (which I’m sure weren’t always funny), asked how I was, and wished me luck each and every time I came into the office.  The members of the finance department who helped me navigate issues of insurance coverage.  The acupuncturists, who grounded me, helped me relax and were present for each and every procedure no matter the time, place, or day.  Each and every one of you made a difference, and I am so grateful for all of the efforts you made to make my time at RMACT better.

    It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child.  In our case, it took a village to conceive our children.  Never did a better village exist than the one we found at RMACT.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    ~ R.L., Wilton, CT

    ...RMA was all it took to change our lives”

    After several unsuccessful at becoming pregnant- including failed IVF cycles, we were determined to find a clinic that could help us achieve our family planning plans. We required a high degree of skill and experience- but also moral support and compassion. Dr. Hurwitz and the RMA team provided all of this and so much more! One successful cycle at RMA was all it took to change our lives. We are grateful beyond words for our healthy and happy children. We are so lucky to have found RMA.

    ~ L.V. Stamford, CT

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