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1 out of 8 couples has trouble getting pregnant.

Infertility is a disease of the reproductive system that affects both women and men equally.


  • If you are age 35 & under, you should see a fertility doctor after 1 year of trying to conceive on your own. 

  • If you are 35 to 40, see a fertility doctor after 6 months of trying to conceive.

  • If you are 40+, see a doctor after 3 months of trying to conceive.


A fertility doctor will meet with you to perform a comprehensive medical evaluation to determine the most effective treatment for you– from simple to advanced options, customized for you.

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Why go to RMA of CT for fertility treatment?

Top Fertility Doctors

Top Doctors 2019

Five of our board certified Reproductive Endocrinologists were chosen by their peers as one of Connecticut’s top fertility specialists based on their outstanding fertility care.


Personalized Care

RMACT's team of fertility specialists partner with patients to help them overcome infertility. In addition to medical treatment, RMACT offers other services such as nutrition counseling, emotional support & stress management.


Team Approach

See a physician every appointment– from initial testing to treatment. You will also be assigned a patient navigator, nurse, and financial services representative.


World-Class Science

Our combination of modern science and medicine, safe and effective fertility therapies and highly skilled medical professionals make RMACT a successful pioneer in fertility treatments.

Leading the Way for Success

Choosing a fertility clinic means finding a support system to help you build the future: your family. Here’s why RMACT patients recommend their friends and family to our practice:

Genetic Screening

The future of genetic embryo
screening has arrived. It's here, at RMACT.

Elective Single
Embryo Transfer - ESET

RMACT supports one successful pregnancy
and baby at a time while maintaining higher than
average pregnancy rates.

From Simple
to Advanced

Our team is committed to your success
with thorough evaluation and
individualized fertility treatment.

Our Success

View our outstanding success rates 
and compare to national averages.

What Sets Us Apart



Traditional and needle-free acupuncture foster the optimal environment when trying to achieve and sustain a successful pregnancy.

Fertile Yoga

Fertile Yoga

This specially designed program includes guided meditation, breathing techniques, thoughtful movements for patients to find a place of calm and peace in their lives while in fertility treatment.



Individualized nutritional counseling and dietary support are an essential part of your successful fertility treatment plan at RMACT.

Fertile Counseling

Fertile Counseling

Licensed therapists who understand the emotional complexities and challenges of fertility treatment share tools that can make all the difference between surviving and thriving while undergoing fertility treatment.

Support Groups

Support Groups

Meet other patients and partners who are facing similar fertility challenges. Find emotional support when sharing with others who understand the rigors of fertility treatment.

Ladies Night In

Ladies Night In

Share experiences, hope and very often, a good laugh with other women who understand what you're going through, because they’re going through it too.

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