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Considering Assisted Reproductive Technology?

Dr. Mark Leondires - Medical Director, Infertility Specialist & Reproductive Endocrinologist at Reproductive Medicine Associates recommends reviewing these CDC videos when considering Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

ART Success Methods Focuses on being healthy before, during, and after ART treatment, with a special consideration of health behaviors that could enhance fertility treatment outcomes and promote health after ART success (e.g., pregnancy and live-birth).
Assisted Reproductive Technology Success Rate Report Will help you identify and use important parts of the CDC's ART Success Rates Report including the National Summary and Fertility Clinic tables.
Single Embryo Transfer Considerations Presents information regarding a decision facing an increasing number of ART patients.

In the United States, more than 430 clinics provide services to patients seeking to overcome infertility. CDC’s annual report on ART Clinic Success Rates is one tool used by consumers to identify clinics offering medical care and other services. These videos, prepared by CDC, can help consumers considering ART services. Whether you are hoping to become pregnant or seeking information to help a person with infertility, these videos present important information to help you.

The videos and materials focus on the important period before beginning care in an ART clinic—when a person or couple is in the process of selecting a clinic or provider. ART is just one option available to overcome infertility. Specialists in male and female reproductive endocrinology should be consulted to determine if your needs can be met using other forms of infertility care.

ART Importance in Infertility

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