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Why RMACT? Five Considerations in Choosing a Fertility Clinic Blog Feature
Kate Doyle

By: Kate Doyle on October 20th, 2016

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Why RMACT? Five Considerations in Choosing a Fertility Clinic

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Choosing Fertility Clinic & Doctor Choosing a fertility clinic can feel like a big task. Below are 5 questions to consider when making this important decision.

Guide to Choosing a Fertility Clinic

#1: Does the fertility center offer support services to compliment my clinical treatment?

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT) is dedicated to making your fertility treatment process as easy as possible. Each patient is assigned a nurse, patient navigator, and finance coordinator to hold your hand throughout the process.  The in-house fertility wellness care team called IFW (Integrated Fertility and Wellness Program) offers support for our patient’s emotional, mental and physical well-being and include; fertility counseling, Fertile Yoga, peer support groups, acupuncture, nutrition and more.

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#2: Are the locations conveniently located?

RMACT has 5 fertility clinic locations. There are 4 offices in Connecticut– Norwalk, Danbury, Stamford, Trumbull and 1 affiliate office in Poughkeepsie, NY.

#3: Do they participate with my insurance and are they affordable?

RMACT participates with most major insurance plans. Out of network patients can utilize any one of our 9 discounted and inclusive self-pay Opportunity Plans.

#4: Are the doctors board certified?

All RMACT fertility doctors are board certified in both obstetrics and gynecology as well as reproductive endocrinology.

#5: What are the clinic’s take home baby rates?

RMACT’s pregnancy success rates are well above the national average, according to SART (Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology).


Choosing a Fertility Doctor

During my time scheduling new patient consultations, I encountered many individuals, eager to begin their treatment at RMACT but unsure about how to choose their doctor, I reassured each person that all of our physicians are board certified, follow the same clinical protocols, and specialize in reproductive and endocrine issues. The style in which information is given and care is provided can vary slightly depending on the physician which is why I like to remind patients that your relationship with your fertility doctor is just that… a relationship. And healthy relationships are built on communication, respect, and clear expectations.

Every RMACT fertility doctor is capable of providing the individualized care that all patients need and deserve, regardless of personality. Never hesitate in communicating what your needs are. If you are a person that wants statistics, data and blunt information, say so. If you prefer a more gentle approach, say so. When patients communicate their needs, the physicians and the RMACT team listen and respond so that each patient feels supported.

Want to learn more about choosing RMACT fertility clinic? Watch the video below!


About Kate Doyle

As RMACT’s New Patient Liaison, Kate Doyle is the first person who speaks with patients before they schedule their initial appointment. Kate recently started contributing to RMACT’s blog, PathToFertility.com. In “Kate’s Corner” she shares her perspective on topics that interest new patients. This glimpse into fertility treatment gives readers a candid knowledge and insightful tips. Kate started at RMACT as a Patient Navigator in January 2013, which is when she learned that she enjoyed guiding patients through the ups and downs of treatment. Her current position enables her to work with patients at the onset of treatment when they need help bringing their limited understanding of infertility into focus.