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When Perfect Strangers Become Your New #BFFs Blog Feature

By: The RMACT Team on December 11th, 2017

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When Perfect Strangers Become Your New #BFFs

Infertility | Infertility Awareness | Inspiration | Support

On December 7th, 2017, three important women in the infertility community came together through an RMACT Facebook Live event to discuss the magical bond that happens when a group of perfect stangers share similar challenges.

When Sue Johnston, infertility advocate & author of "Detours," ran RESOLVE’s Peer Support Group, she experienced her own struggles with fertility. In many ways, this turned out to be a winning combination and she shares her experiences in a new book entitled "Detours."

Lisa Rosenthal, the patient advocate for RMACT, Sue, and Betsy Campbell, Director of Constituent Engagement for RESOLVE National, discussed how peer support can make all the difference when it comes to making it through fertility treatment.