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Fertility Patient Advocate Lisa Rosenthal Nominated for WEGO Health Awards Blog Feature

By: Justine Houle on July 19th, 2018

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Fertility Patient Advocate Lisa Rosenthal Nominated for WEGO Health Awards

Advocacy | Patient Stories

For 31 years, Lisa Rosenthal has been devoted to advocating for people faced with infertility who are struggling to build their families. Lisa is both honored and humbled to have been nominated for 3 awards through WEGO Health Awards based on her work in reproductive health and family planning.

Lisa spends most of her time as Patient Advocate for Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut. She is the Founder of Fertile Yoga and the facilitator of Ladies Night In, RMACT’s peer support groups. Lisa started Path To Fertility 9 years ago, a blog contributed to by many different professionals, patient voices and RMACT team members (there are over 1,800 blogs posted).

Two months mark the highlight of her year, April and May, directly attributable to National Infertility Awareness Week and Advocacy Day  in Washington. Both of these impactful events were created, organized and supported by Resolve- The National Infertility Association.

Lisa was delighted to join the Board of Directors of Resolve New England last year, recommitting to working steadfastly with patient not for profits dedicated to supporting fertility patients. Lisa also regularly contributes to the national conversation about fertility and infertility, as evidenced by this just published piece on Pregnantish, "5 Signs It's Time to Switch Fertility Clinics."

Now a word from our beloved Lisa...


If you would like to vote/endorse Lisa, please do so by pressing the badges below. The three awards that Lisa has been nominated for are Best in Show Blog, Healthcare Collaborator- Patient, Patient Leader Hero.