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Unplug It! Blog Feature

I love vacations.

Who doesn’t?

You get to travel to a place you’ve never been (or back to a place you love!), experience new things, and enjoy a change of scenery, which could be especially welcoming while undergoing the stress of fertility treatment.

But beyond all that, I love taking a vacation because it’s a time where I allow myself to unplug. I literally turn off my phone and put it in the safe of the hotel room so that it’s nowhere in sight! I find it so refreshing to not hear a ping of a text or a ring of a call. Turning off my phone allows me to turn off my mind and welcome some much-needed calm and tranquility into my life.

I don't know why, but vacations are the only time I allow myself to truly unplug. When I’m home I feel obligated to be connected and accessible to anyone who might need me all.the.time. But somehow, vacations give me the license to free myself of that obligation. Either way, all that connecting and being accessible can be EXHAUSTING – so why not give ourselves license to disconnect during our every day? Would the world really fall apart if we weren't there to immediately pick it up the phone or answer an email?

Since March is the month we are focusing on nourishing ourselves, I’m going to incorporate the vacation mentality into my everyday life. I’m going to try to unplug for an hour a day...and what better day to start than today, the National Day of Unplugging! Not only will I consciously put down my phone and step away from my tablet/laptop for extended periods of time, but I’m going to allow myself the space to disconnect from my fertility treatment (i.e. I’m going to try to stop the million thoughts that run through my mind all day, every day!) and spend some quality time with Dan and Ralphie.

According to RMACT’s Director of Mental Health, Lisa Schuman, “When patient’s give themselves a chance to unplug for a little while, both from their electronic devices and their treatment plans, they open up the possibility to have an unexpected joyful or fulfilling experience. It can be as simple as enjoying the way their dog greets them at the door after getting home from a long day of work or taking a deep breath and smelling the scent of spring. If they are willing to go a bit further, a few minutes of meditation every day can provide a space for amazing insights to arise and can help them feel calm and more connected to themselves.”

So, in honor of #NationalDayofUnplugging, we invite you to put down your phone/tablet/device and take a few minutes to #NourishYourself by unplugging...because you deserve it!

National Day of Unplugging (1).png

To see some of the RMACT staff members reasons for why they are unplugging, visit our Instagram page!