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Blog Feature

PCOS | Twins | Patient Stories

By: Sierra Dehmler
September 21st, 2021

Can you get pregnant with PCOS? One fertility patient shares her journey through medicated cycles, IUI, IVF and what happens after you finally get pregnant.

Blog Feature

Unexplained Infertility | Twins | In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) | Patient Stories

By: Sierra Dehmler
August 18th, 2021

After struggling through five years of unexplained infertility and three unsuccessful IUI and IVF treatments, they found out they were pregnant - with twins!

Blog Feature

pregnancy | Embryo | Twins | Fertility Treatment

By: Lisa Rosenthal
September 5th, 2013

There’s a blog out there I want to comment on concerning IVF and twins. A couple who is pregnant with twins is pissed. Do we judge? No. Here's why.