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Fertility Blog | Compassionate support on your journey through infertility treatment. Join the conversation.

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By: Lisa Schuman, LCSW
July 13th, 2018

Lisa Schuman, LCSW, RMACT's Director of Mental Health, shares her take on the most recent New York Times article about egg freezing, including research she found from her own studies on the same topic.

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Family Building | Infertility | RMACT | Fertility | Fertility Help | Support | Primary Infertility | Financing Infertility Treatment | Fertility Treatment | Spanish | TTC | Community | Affording Treatment

By: Lisa Rosenthal
June 22nd, 2018

Cost can act as a barrier to the 1 in 8 couples who have been diagnosed with infertility, keeping them from achieving their family-building goals. However, The Nest Egg Foundation is a not-for-profit that gives hope by providing financial grants to those with primary infertility.

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Infertility | Primary Infertility | Fertility Treatment | IUI | TTC | Mental Health

Justine Houle reflects on her second IUI treatment and the hopeful signs she held onto to get her through the emotional process of fertility treatment.

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Secondary Infertility | Primary Infertility

By: Lisa Rosenthal
April 19th, 2016

Secondary and Primary infertility. One, you are a Mommy or Daddy, in the other you are not. What are the similarities? The differences?

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pregnancy | Conception | Primary Infertility

By: Lisa Rosenthal
October 27th, 2014

You’ve thrown out the birth control and you’ve actively been trying to become pregnant. How long have you been trying to conceive?

Blog Feature

Secondary Infertility | Support | Primary Infertility

By: Lisa Rosenthal
August 26th, 2014

In a peer support group like Ladies Night In, does the infertility diagnosis matter? Is there a divide between primary and secondary infertility?