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Blog Feature

Fertility Treatment | Ovulation Induction | IUI | IVF | Affording Treatment

By: Mark Leondires, MD
May 13th, 2021

Fertility costs may vary depending on your treatment plan, medication, and more. A fertility doctor breaks down cost for different fertility treatments, and explains what to budget for.

Blog Feature

Fertility Treatment | Ovulation Induction | IUI

By: Lisa Rosenthal
February 22nd, 2016

Ovulation Induction & intrauterine insemination (artificial insemination) are a simpler, more basic way to start fertility treatment and get pregnant.

Blog Feature

Ovulation Induction

By: Lisa Rosenthal
February 16th, 2015

For those of you who are just starting to consider fertility treatment, there are simple plans, like ovulation induction. We are here for you, from the most simple fertility treatment to the most advanced.