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Fertility Blog | Compassionate support on your journey through infertility treatment. Join the conversation.

Blog Feature

Infertility | Fertility Treatment | Humor

By: Virginia Hamilton Furnari
April 9th, 2021

Karen Jeffries (Hilariously Infertile) is an infertility advocate. She joined us at RMA of Connecticut for a behind the scenes look at our fertility practice. As the tour progresses, Karen reflects on her abilities (and inabilities) to administer some of the necessary tasks of treatment.

Blog Feature

Support | Humor

By: Lisa Rosenthal
August 19th, 2019

I was an angry infertile woman at a baby shower with only one bathroom. You could cry or you could laugh. Or both. Here's my infertility story.

Blog Feature

RMACT | Fertility Treatment | Humor | featured | Featured Story | TTC | RMACT Norwalk | infertility treatment

By: Lisa Rosenthal
November 23rd, 2018

There are very few more tiresome questions than “are you pregnant?” Especially when you’re in fertility treatment during the holidays. Here's how to avoid the question entirely!

Blog Feature

fertility journey | In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) | Humor | Getting Pregnant | IUI | Treatment | Top Stories | featured | Featured Story | TTC | reproductive health | fertility support | Fertility Testing | Lisa Rosenthal | Mental Health

By: Lisa Rosenthal
October 26th, 2018

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut's Effing Funny Fertile Friday blog series hopes to help you laugh about infertility by suggesting you read Karen Jefferies' new book entitled, Hilariously Infertile. Karen takes the painful aspects of fertility treatment and gives them a comical spin.

Blog Feature

Infertility | Fertility Help | Infertility Awareness | First Infertility Visit | Support | Love and Infertility | Fertility Path | infertility courage | Humor

Justine Houle shares her deepest, most real and sometimes raw thoughts through her journey #TTC and making her first fertility appointment here at RMACT.

Blog Feature

Support | Humor | Women's Health

By: Lisa Rosenthal
October 31st, 2017

Support & laughter during infertility.The antidote to feeling alone- read these responses to well meaning, but unhelpful suggestions on how to become pregnant.