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Path To Fertility Blog by RMACT

Fertility Blog | Compassionate support on your journey through infertility treatment. Join the conversation.

Blog Feature

Fertility Treatment | featured | Featured Story | IVF

By: Kirsten Hennigan
November 1st, 2019

What’s the IVF process like? Here’s what you can expect from the treatment, from medications and injections, to the egg retrieval and embryo transfer, straight from an experienced Fertility Nurse.

Blog Feature

Fertility Treatment | featured | Featured Story | infertility treatment

By: Lisa Rosenthal
July 27th, 2019

Why don’t we talk about sex? So many intimacies are shared during fertility support group meetings and all over the media, but talking about sex still seems taboo. Learn why people feel infertility is not sexy and the positive messages to share instead.

Blog Feature

Wellness | Fertility Plan | Fertility Treatment | featured | Featured Story

By: Lisa Rosenthal
June 3rd, 2019

Can you enjoy time off and plan a vacation when trying to conceive through fertility treatment? We break down what you should consider when making those vacation plans.

Blog Feature

Fertility clinic | Fertility Treatment | featured | Featured Story | fertility doctor

By: Paul Steinmetz
May 7th, 2019

Considering fertility treatment? Keep these four fundamentals in mind as you explore your fertility options.

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fertility insurance | Fertility Treatment | featured | Featured Story | NIAW

By: Lisa Rosenthal
April 22nd, 2019

National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) is a time for us to work together to improve access to treatment and insurance. Join #InfertilityUncovered.

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Infertility | reproductive endocrinologist | Fertility Treatment | TTC | infertility support | reproductive health | men infertility | fertility health | fertility practice | Infertility Terms | infertility treatment

Maybe a baby, but not ready yet? Keep all your options open about your fertility and family building future- know the facts about infertility.