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Blog Feature

LGBTQ Family Building | Surrogacy | egg donor | Patient Stories

By: Sierra Dehmler
June 22nd, 2021

After two IVF and surrogacy journeys brought their children Ben and Lucy into the world, RMA of Connecticut dads Tim and Steve share their amazing LGBTQ+ story.

Blog Feature

Third Party Reproduction | egg donor

By: Monica Moore
May 29th, 2020

Monica Moore, RNP, discusses everything you need to know about the egg donation process. She goes over how to find an egg donor, the egg donor screening/recruitment process, and your fear/concerns while offering advice and support.

Blog Feature

Family Building | Infertility | pregnancy | RMACT | reproductive endocrinologist | Family | ovarian reserve | Third Party Reproduction | Fertility Treatment | In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) | IUI | TTC | egg retrieval | reproductive health | egg donor | Intrauterine Insemination

By: Lisa Rosenthal
September 28th, 2018

Transitioning from IVF to Third Party Reproduction can be a difficult decision to make. One patient of Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut talks about her experience and explains how she navigated the difficult fertility terrain that led her to a beautiful outcome.

Blog Feature

Third Party Reproduction | egg donor

By: The RMACT Team
July 3rd, 2018

RMACT thinks it’s important to correct some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the topic of egg donation. Watch our Facebook Live where Rachel Leto, RN & Team Lead of the Egg Donor Program and Rachel Steiner, Egg Donor Coordinator, debunked some common myths!