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Fertility Blog | Compassionate support on your journey through infertility treatment. Join the conversation.

Blog Feature

cancer | Advocacy | Community

By: Sierra Dehmler
November 3rd, 2021

Dr. Ilana Ressler bakes Pies for Prevention to benefit Sharsheret, a non-profit organization supporting patients and families facing breast and ovarian cancer.

Blog Feature

Support | Financing Infertility Treatment | Community | Affording Treatment

By: Sierra Dehmler
May 24th, 2021

Finding support can feel like an extra, challenging step while going through fertility treatment. These 10 organizations provide grants, resources, and guidance to members of the fertility community.

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By: Sierra Dehmler
February 18th, 2021

This fertility gift guide offers helpful, unique product and service recommendations from Black-owned small businesses that will make going through fertility treatment just a little bit more comfortable.

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Support | Fertility Treatment | COVID-19 | Community

By: Virginia Hamilton Furnari
January 25th, 2021

When partners and support persons cannot attend critical moments in the fertility journey, it can be very upsetting and difficult for patients. RMA of CT asked their community of fertility warriors to share some words of encouragement for those going through treatment right now.

Blog Feature

Infertility | Community

By: Lisa Rosenthal
August 4th, 2019

If I hadn’t had a very special set of friends while I was trying my hardest to get pregnant, life would have felt even more unlovely and difficult than it already did, what with injections, medications, doctor appointments and more.

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Infertility | PCOS | PCOS Awareness | Advocacy | Community

By: Ashley Levinson
March 19th, 2019

PCOS is one of the most underserved women's health issues today. During PCOS Advocacy Day, The House of Representatives were asked to support HRes164 (House Resolution) to recognize September as a National PCOS Awareness Month and to introduce a bill to address the lack of funding for PCOS research.