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Polaris Treatment Navigator Empowers Patients Blog Feature
Kate Doyle

By: Kate Doyle on March 23rd, 2017

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Polaris Treatment Navigator Empowers Patients

Support | Fertility Treatment

polaris_infertility_data.pngScientific and technological advances have changed the way we practice all kinds of medicine, including reproductive health and fertility treatment. Patients have the opportunity to make informed decisions about their own care more than ever. This is particularly important when it comes to making family building choices. The fertility specialists at RMACT (Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut) empower individuals with the knowledge they need to make the right decisions and they also hold their hand as they guide them in the right direction.

Building a Family Building Toolkit Including Polaris Treatment Navigator Report

The RMACT team of board certified Reproductive Endocrinologists (fertility specialists) have gone out of their way to establish and develop an extensive toolkit to use when educating patients on the likelihood of pregnancy success with different treatment options.  One of the most technologically advanced and powerful tools that our doctors utilize is the Polaris Treatment Navigator Report. The doctor, within a system that conforms to HIPPA requirements, puts in all the patient’s clinical metrics (such as any diagnostic results and their medical history) into the Polaris system and then "run" the report. The patient’s data is then compared with the world’s largest dataset on fertility. fertility_doctors_educate.pngWhen the Polaris Treatment Navigator Report is given to a patient, they see for themselves the individual likelihood of success with different treatment plans based on statistical facts rather than only medical opinion.

Evaluating the Possibility of Success in a Fertility Treatment Option

Recently a fertility patient that was given her Polaris Treatment Navigator Report shared her experience with me. She told me that after her fertility consultation with one of our physicians she really felt in her gut that IVF (in vitro fertilization) was going to be the right option for her. Her RMACT doctor explained in length why this was clinically recommended and although she implicitly trusted what they said, the Polaris Treatment Navigator report was the visual confirmation she needed to make her final decision.
It was essentially like receiving a multi-faceted second opinion based on many thousands of actual patients who faced similar circumstances in the past. 

Through the Polaris Treatment Navigator, RMACT clinicians are able to utilize data to better empower patients to make the right choices that will lead to success- a baby- on their fertility journey.

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About Kate Doyle

As RMACT’s New Patient Liaison, Kate Doyle is the first person who speaks with patients before they schedule their initial appointment. Kate recently started contributing to RMACT’s blog, PathToFertility.com. In “Kate’s Corner” she shares her perspective on topics that interest new patients. This glimpse into fertility treatment gives readers a candid knowledge and insightful tips. Kate started at RMACT as a Patient Navigator in January 2013, which is when she learned that she enjoyed guiding patients through the ups and downs of treatment. Her current position enables her to work with patients at the onset of treatment when they need help bringing their limited understanding of infertility into focus.