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PCOS Boss Live Event: All the Details for Managing Your Symptoms Blog Feature
Virginia Hamilton Furnari

By: Virginia Hamilton Furnari on February 20th, 2020

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PCOS Boss Live Event: All the Details for Managing Your Symptoms


RMA of Connecticut hosted a Live Event for women just like you – women who want to be the boss of their body and feel completely in control.

  • Special Offer: A coupon code was released during the Live Event above that you can use for a FREE 30-Minute Consultation to talk about your PCOS (Skype or In-Person).
    • Offer ends 3/19!
    • Visit: this page & add in code "PCOSBOSS" in comments section for your free consultation! 

What Does it Mean to be a PCOS Boss?

Having PCOS can be, well, a lot of things…

  • Inconvenient
  • Annoying
  • Painful
  • Stressful
  • Frustrating

…Need I go on?

But you know what else it can be? Empowering. Hear me out…

Disclaimer: I have PCOS, too, so I feel you, girl. Before I was diagnosed, my hormones ran my life (from weird hair things to stomach issues to non-existent periods). I ate healthfully, worked out religiously, and thought I was doing all the right things for my body… but still, my body was not under my control – what was the deal?!

But then, after many docs brushed me off or treated my isolated symptoms, one had the genius to say, “I think you have PCOS.” It was a great day. Sure, I was diagnosed with a life-long syndrome, but things finally made sense! All the pieces of the puzzle merged into a picture of my life. Big “Aha moment” vibes.

Now, my struggle was learning how to live with it the best I could.

That’s where the PCOS team at RMA of Connecticut came in. They taught me how to care for my body and embrace the particular needs of my mind, organs, and the intricate systems connecting the two.

They taught me that to control your condition is to own your condition. It no longer owned me and dictated how I felt all the time… instead, I felt empowered. I finally felt like I knew my body. I knew what worked for my body and what didn’t. I knew when I fell off the wagon and how to get back on.

Now, it’s your turn to feel that sort of empowerment. Your turn to be the Boss.

Who is the PCOS Team?

You might assume that because we’re a fertility clinic, we only treat women and men trying to conceive. But no! At RMA of Connecticut, we have an entire roster of clinicians who are dedicated to treating women with PCOS, helping them manage their symptoms regardless of their phase in life.

Our PCOS Team meets with women as young as 14 just learning what PCOS is…

…and women with PCOS at any age who are struggling with fertility.

This team covers the entire spectrum because no woman should have to live with PCOS without the knowledge and tools to better their experiences, no matter their stage in life.

So Let’s Meet the Team!

Dr. Ilana Ressler, Reproductive Endocrinologist:



Diana D’Amelio, Physician Assistant:

 Diana D’Amelio Final 37-1


Melissa Kelleher, Social Worker:

 PCOS Boss _ Melissa Kelleher


Jill Hickey, Nutritionist: 

JH_Headshot (1)


Kerry Tomson, Fertility Nurse: 


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About Virginia Hamilton Furnari

Virginia Hamilton Furnari is RMA of Connecticut’s Brand Specialist and has a background in writing, marketing, and content production. In addition to helping mold the RMA of CT brand through blogs, videos, and events, she is also a patient and has undergone many fertility treatments. Given her professional and personal involvement in the fertility community, she has immersed her mind, body, and soul in family-building education.