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September is PCOS Awareness Month – Schedule an Appointment Blog Feature
Kate Doyle

By: Kate Doyle on September 1st, 2016

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September is PCOS Awareness Month – Schedule an Appointment

PCOS | Women's Health | Kate's Corner

September is PCOS Awareness MonthReproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT) isn’t just a fertility center, we also treat adults and adolescents with polycystic ovarian syndrome (commonly referred to as PCOS).

This common condition should be diagnosed and treated early. Our comprehensive program is carefully designed to treat every way the condition manifests itself and the multidisciplinary team at RMACT is passionate in providing this care. We are here to hold your hand every step of the way.

PCOS Awareness Month

Getting Help with PCOS Symptoms

Steps to scheduling your PCOS appointment:

1. Obtain a referral from an outside physician (pediatrician, gynecologist, primary care physician, etc). The reason we ask for a referral is because certain gynecological and endocrine issues can be easily addressed by a gynecologist or primary care provider. If your doctor believes you have PCOS symptoms and that you would benefit from seeing a PCOS specialist , they can provide you with a referral.

2. Have your insurance card available when you call to schedule the appointment. Once your insurance and demographics are registered into the system, one of our New Patient Liaisons will schedule your new patient appointment as well as your initial nutrition consultation

3. Complete the new patient paperwork and submit relevant medical records by at least five days before the initial consultation.


About Kate Doyle

As RMACT’s New Patient Liaison, Kate Doyle is the first person who speaks with patients before they schedule their initial appointment. Kate recently started contributing to RMACT’s blog, PathToFertility.com. In “Kate’s Corner” she shares her perspective on topics that interest new patients. This glimpse into fertility treatment gives readers a candid knowledge and insightful tips. Kate started at RMACT as a Patient Navigator in January 2013, which is when she learned that she enjoyed guiding patients through the ups and downs of treatment. Her current position enables her to work with patients at the onset of treatment when they need help bringing their limited understanding of infertility into focus.