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Living & Thriving with PCOS – An Evening Where a Patient Shares Her Journey Blog Feature

Living & Thriving with PCOS – An Evening Where a Patient Shares Her Journey

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PCOS EventCarolyn Gundell, MS, one of Reproductive Medicine Associate’s of Connecticut’s (RMACT) nutritionists is passionate about PCOS. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is the most common endocrine disorders that women struggle with- whether or not you’re trying to become pregnant.

Symptoms can be very challenging and not all advice that is out there is really helpful or credible.  Whether your symptoms include weight gain or hair growth in places that you would rather not have hair or blood work that is troubling- there are answers and help available.

One of the most difficult aspects of PCOS is the isolation. Feeling alone with this diagnosis makes getting the help that will be effective less likely.

Ms. Gundell has gathered a small group of women with PCOS to share their experiences- to break that chain of isolation so that you can hear that you are not the only one out there. This is a unique evening for women of all ages to share their own PCOS stories and learn from each other.  This complex condition is very common and is all too often kept very quiet.

Come join other women who are experiencing similar symptoms and feelings. PCOS doesn’t mean that you have to do this alone, nor should PCOS define you.

That’s why we’re here.

Carolyn Gundell shared her reasons for putting together an evening that will support all women with PCOS. Read below.
Hope to see you next week. ~ Lisa Rosenthal

Living with PCOS Event

Just yesterday, a PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) patient said to me, “I have never met anyone else who has PCOS.”  This patient was a fertility patient with us and has recently returned after her first child to manage her PCOS.  Then, three hours later another patient, who has been trying to conceive for eight years, came to us and one of our board certified Reproductive Endocrinologists diagnosed her with PCOS.   In the very same day, I had an evening telephone call with a PCOS patient who told me, “I will do anything you recommend me to do to start feeling better.” These three women, who are having similar symptoms and similar experiences still feel very alone with their PCOS.  Many women experience anxiety, frustration, and even desperation over their PCOS symptoms every single day.  They, like many with PCOS, need stories of hope, knowledge, and inspiration and RMACT is the place that they trust and can find a PCOS support system.

June 22 is a very special evening, the first of its kind offered by RMACT, of patient stories, led by a young woman with PCOS who has come forward. Her purpose is to help PCOS patients by sharing her story and ensuring that no one with PCOS feels alone or frustrated.   “PCOS stories that depict the journey from diagnosis to living a higher quality of life supports the message that PCOS symptoms can improve.” states Gundell”.  This event is for PCOS and about PCOS.  Whether you have been just diagnosed or have known about your PCOS for a decade, this is the event to attend. This event is open to PCOS patients and the people in their support system. As PCOS is often little understood, this is an opportunity for everyone involved to understand more.  

PCOS is the #1 condition affecting fertility in women and it is STILL a well kept secret.  RMACT wants that message to change. Other patients who have PCOS want it to change too. No one needs to feel alone and unable to reach their goals with PCOS.

PCOS Is Not Only About Trying to Conceive

Please note that our PCOS program is also for gynecological PCOS, not just fertility patients. In other words? You don’t have to be trying to get pregnant.  Our last PCOS event was 50% gynecological and 50% fertility patients.   It’s good to know that we strongly encourage our fertility patients to return to us for PCOS management when not in family building mode.  Whether trying to conceive or not, PCOS can be managed and knowing how is the key to successful management.

The gynecological message is a very important aspect of our program because PCOS patients need the following supports:

  • Early diagnosis – RMACT’s adolescent PCOS program starts at fourteen years old.
  • Early intervention and management is for young and adult women with PCOS.
  • Optimizing a woman’s health during any time period of her life—

1) Reproductive years before family building OR if patient does not want family building;

2) Pre-conception so that becoming pregnant may come more easily and the pregnancy can proceed in a healthy way

3) Interception health (optimizing health in between pregnancies);

4) Life-long health- reducing risk for heart disease and diabetes later in life


Living & Thriving with PCOS

You are Invited to An Evening of PCOS Hope, Success & Motivation!

Looking for more PCOS information and support?  Feeling Frustrated? Losing Motivation? Not sure what your body is telling you? Confused by a recent PCOS diagnosis or have you been dealing with PCOS for a while?

This evening event is for you!

Come listen to our guest speakers—one diagnosed with PCOS as an adolescent and another recently diagnosed with PCOS.  You will also hear other women share how they are living and thriving with PCOS. They have been faced with their own set of emotional ups and downs, weight related, metabolic and hormonal challenges. PCOS fertility and non-fertility stories will be shared.

Come share your success stories and/or get refueled and re-motivated!

When: Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

6:00 – 7:30 PM

A light dinner will be provided.

Where: RMACT Danbury

103 Newtown Road | Suite 1A Danbury, CT 06810

To register, please visit: http://www.rmact.com/pcos-group or email: events@rmact.com 

About Carolyn Gundell, M.S.

Carolyn Gundell, M.S. is a nutritionist, specializing in PCOS and fertility. With over 20 years of nutrition experience, Carolyn has a special interest in helping women with conditions that affect fertility, including insulin resistance, diabetes Type1/Type 2, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), lipid disorders, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, underweight and overweight concerns. Carolyn earned her M.S. in Nutrition from Columbia University and completed her undergraduate studies in Biology/Nutrition at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven. She is trained as a Research Associate in Clinical Skills Training, and is certified in HIPAA, CPR, First Aid and Food Safety & Sanitation. Previously, Carolyn worked at Pediatric Endocrine & Diabetes Specialists, The Center for Advanced Pediatrics, both in Norwalk and at Yale University Medical Center’s Obesity, Diabetes, PCOS Clinic and The Yale Fertility Center.