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Let’s Tell Legislators OUR Truth- We Want A Family Blog Feature

By: The RMACT Team on April 30th, 2018

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Let’s Tell Legislators OUR Truth- We Want A Family

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A little history on how an insignificant date in May evolved into becoming a major influencer on how our legislators consider family building into their budgets and their vision for their legacy.

First, came Resolve- The National Infertility Association (a non-profit, 501(c)(3). Resolve had a humble AND passionate, dedicated beginning in 1974 at Barbara Eck Menning's kitchen table. Barbara was a nurse and struggling to have a child and realized that she wasn't alone. And from there, history was made.

Twenty years later, in 1994, Advocacy Day was hatched, uniting the voices of the 1 in 8 couples trying to conceive and bringing the message about family building, infertility and fertility to Washington DC to our legislators. One goal was to connect the messages about infertility insurance coverage, adoption tax credits, personhood bills, #IVF4Vets and many other issues over the years, with the faces of those affected by infertility.

How do we make legislators listen?

It turns out that it’s pretty simple. According to Emily Ellsworth, ex capitol hill staffer, it’s not on Twitter nor is it on Facebook. It’s through our collective voices. Last year, Connecticut delivered over 1,000 letters to Senators Blumenthal, Murphy, and our congress people. RMACT’s patients, team members and friends contributed 980 of those letters. Our little state of CT delivered more letters at Resolve’s Advocacy Day than any other state, by more than 700. The stack of letters was “impressive”, stated Congressperson Jim Himes last year.

RMACT is sending a team to Washington DC in May (including Lisa Rosenthal- Patient Advocate and Dr. Shaun Williams- Reproductive Endocrinologist). They will hand deliver these letters to our legislators during Advocacy Day. Together, we can #FliptheScript and put family building and reproductive health on the top of our legislator’s agenda.

So, please join us and sign a letter. Take a stack. Add your voice and let’s make the conversation about infertility and the 1 in 8 couples affected a lot louder.

Directions on letter signing:

Download the letters and find your congressperson on this grid.

1. Please sign TWO letters for our Senators. One for Richard Blumenthal. One for Chris Murphy.

2. Please sign ONE letter for your Representative. You can find your representative by looking for the town that you live in on the district grid we have provided below.

3. Make these letters count by including all the information that is being requested.

4. Then please send the letters to us via email- lrosenthal@rmact.com We will print them and deliver them! (Drop them off at any of the RMACT offices or stick them in an envelope and mail them!)

Thank you for doing your part, in helping to ensure that family building is considered part of the reproductive health conversation in Washington DC.

Download the letters and find your congressperson on this grid.

Any questions?
Please email lrosenthal@rmact.com.