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Insurance? Benefits? And Cost? Oh, My! Blog Feature

Weren’t able to tune in to our Facebook Live event entitled, “Insurance? Benefits? And Cost? Oh, My!”? 

Don’t worry!

We have shared the video here with you because we know how stressful infertility can be and when you add insurance and cost into the mix, stress levels can go through the roof. However, RMACT wants to help ease those worries by encouraging you to #FlipTheScript by becoming your own advocate as it relates to insurance. Check out this video featuring Shaunda Brown, Team Lead for the Insurance and Billing Department, and Justine Houle, Marketing Coordinator, where they discuss helpful tips and tricks that will help you navigate the intricacies of the insurance world. They also arm you with the questions you should ask your insurance company to help you set yourself up for success – with RMACT right by your side.