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Medication. Blood work. Ultrasound. Repeat. So goes the familiar tune of fertility treatment. A tune that almost becomes an anthem when you're going through the process.

Maybe it's even a tune you can't get out of your head so much so that it becomes your sole focus. 

And how can it not? When you're undergoing fertility treatment, it's difficult to focus on much else, including yourself and your relationship. But did you know that intimacy can help us stay connected to our partners, which is key to strengthening a relationship during a trying time? 

In honor of Valentine's Day, RMACT's Marketing Operations Coordinator, Justine Houle, and Director of Mental Health Services, Lisa Schuman, hosted a Facebook Live event where the discussion was all about intimacy- and how to get your sexy back when you're TTC!

Check out the amazing tips Lisa Schuman, LCSW shared with our viewers during our Facebook video below:


 Now, let's recap what we just watched...

Remeber: This WON'T last forever!


5 Tips from Lisa Schuman, LCSW

 1. Plan things together that are intimate (this doesn't necessarily have to mean SEX).


2. Plan (fun!) activites together.

3. Commit to generosity.

4. Practice gratitude daily.