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Grants for IVF in CT & NY Blog Feature

Infertility, family building, and money.

For the 1 in 8 couples who are facing a brick wall, with infertility as the barrier to building their families, the factor that feels like the mortar in that wall, holding it firmly in place, is cost. Pure and simple. It comes down to that bottom line- no more insurance coverage or state mandate, no more places to borrow, no more credit lines, no other budgeting that will truly make a difference.

The Cost of Fertility Treatment

Money is the proverbial glue, holding that brick wall together. Even the option of tearing down the bricks, by finding medical and scientific options and discovering that there are viable treatment options don’t really matter because there’s no way to pay for these services that are outside the prevue of medical insurance. You can’t claw your way through the powerful and seemingly unyielding substance between the bricks.

What does it feel like, emotionally?

Like we’re able to peek over the wall and see what’s on the other side- our family, waiting for us and it’s impossible to reach.

Heavy stuff.

Isn’t it lovely when there’s an answer, a solution? When the sun comes out from behind the clouds and there it is- a brighter day than you thought possible.

Nest Egg Foundation to The Rescue

This not for profit that has taken on dismantling the financial aspect of infertility, one brick at a time. Nest Egg Foundation has given hope, provided funds and has seen the joy in the families that have come to be because of the financial grants awarded.

Now is the time! The application grant window is open between now and July 31.

If you are facing primary infertility (have not been successful yet in having a child), live in either Connecticut or New York state, you are eligible to apply.

Nest Egg Family Successes

With 9 grants awarded, in 2 grant cycles (2016 and 2017), there have been four babies born, with one on the way. (Several more are still in treatment.)

Four Nest Egg babies. And three new families, where once, there was not even a possibility.

They aren’t peeking over that wall anymore. They are what they were dreaming to be- parents. Here are a few special images that these special families have shared.

Twins 2017  Baby boy 2

 man hand   Baby Girl 2017

Grant Application Open- Have You Applied?

It must be that the Nest Egg Foundation is flooded with applications, right?

And yet, in 2016, there were only 48 applications initiated, with 9 actually submitted (finished). There were four grants awarded for the 2016 grant window and four babies born in 2017 to three families. (One family created embryos and will be cycling soon.) Look at the possibilities of receiving a grant- that’s almost a 50% possibility! Much, much higher than winning any lottery.

In 2017, there were 93 initiated applications with only 15 completed and submitted. There were four grants awarded. That’s four out of 15 applications. There is one ongoing pregnancy so far with more fertility treatment cycles planned for the rest of the grant recipients.

Are you eligible? Do you know someone who is eligible? The best way to find out is by applying

3 basics to know:

  • You live in either Connecticut or New York
  • You are trying for your first baby
  • You have medical insurance, but no fertility treatment coverage at this time

Special News- Collaborated with Path2Parenthood

Nest Egg Foundation was pleased to work with Path2Parenthood for one award this past grant cycle. It was awarded in March 2018.

On the Other Side of the Wall- A Way to Help

If you’re someone who has faced that brick wall of infertility and successfully gotten to the other side, we couldn't be happier for you. And if you’re enjoying your hard-won family, a question- are you in a position to help another person or couple become parents too? Regardless of how much you can offer, you are in a unique position to know that every dollar helps when it comes to affording fertility treatment.

For the second year in a row, Nest Egg Foundation is honored to be participating in the Traveler’s Birdies for Charity program. Now is the single best time of the year to make a donation to Nest Egg Foundation as Birdies for Charities will add 15% to all donations, until June 24, when the tournament ends. Here’s more information on how your donations will add even more to the work that Nest Egg Foundation is doing.

Help and Hope Offered Through Grant

We all need help at different points in our lives. If you’re trying to conceive and need help financially, apply for a grant and become one of our very special Nest Egg Families. If you’re able to help someone else, please consider this worthy not for profit organization so that all people can tear down the wall and become parents.

About Lisa Rosenthal

Lisa has over thirty years of experience in the fertility field. After her personal infertility journey, she felt dissatisfied with the lack of comprehensive services available to support her. She was determined to help others undergoing fertility treatment. Lisa has been with RMACT for eleven years and serves as Patient Advocate and the Strategic Content Lead.

Lisa is the teacher and founder of Fertile Yoga, a program designed to support men and women on their quest for their families through gentle movement and meditation.

Lisa’s true passion is supporting patients getting into treatment, being able to stay in treatment and staying whole and complete throughout the process. Lisa is also a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, which is helpful in her work with fertility patients.

Her experience also includes working with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association and The American Fertility Association (now Path2Parenthood), where she was Educational Coordinator, Conference Director and Assistant Executive Director.