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#FertilityFocused Blog Feature

Fall is in full bloom, literally. We hope you’re taking some time to enjoy all that this season has to offer: apple picking, the changing colors of the leaves, pumpkin spice everything, and cozy sweaters. While you take time to breathe in the crisp, fall air, we also hope you’re taking a breath to realign your focus on your family building dreams. This month, and every month, the RMA of Connecticut team has one goal: to help you achieve the family you desire. We understand pursing fertility treatment can be a stressful and tiresome process, (it can also feel exciting- knowing that each procedure is bringing you closer to your baby!) and we are here to help keep your focus on that goal, regardless of what stage you’re in. Join us all month long for tips on how you can keep a laser focus on your fertility path - without ever veering off course.

Join Us This Month For One, Some, Or All Of Our Events:

*Beyond the White Coat: PA Edition - Wednesday, October 10th at 12pm

Ever wonder who the woman behind the PA credentials really is? RMA of Connecticut continues their video series entitled “Beyond the White Coat” this month featuring Diana D’Amelio, Physician’s Assistant. Tune in to our Facebook page on Wednesday, October 10th at 12pm to learn more about our beloved Diana and her various roles at the practice. She will answer professional questions, such as what RMA of Connecticut means to her, and personal, little-known insights into her life outside the office. After watching this video, we know you’ll adore Diana as much as we do!


*Beyond the Blood Draw - Wednesday, October 17th at 12pm

Coming in every other day for blood work and an ultrasound can be an added stressor to your already full schedule, but the friendly faces that greet you for these appointments, our wonderful medical assistants (MAs), aim to make your experience as pleasant as possible. They get to know you and your cycle, and they are consistent- always rooting you on. Now, we want to offer YOU the chance to get to know these fantastic women in our newest Facebook video entitled, “Beyond the Blood Draw”. In recognition of National Medical Assistant Awareness Week, RMA of Connecticut invites you to tune in to our Facebook page on Wednesday, October 17th at 12pm to learn more about what motivates RMA of Connecticut’s medical assistants, what they love most about their jobs, and more. We guarantee- this is a must see!


*Beyond the First Attempt - Wednesday, October 24th at 7pm

It’s no secret that pursuing fertility treatment can feel very daunting, especially when it’s your very first attempt. Everything’s brand new and you’re unsure of what to expect. It’s hard to avoid having a million thoughts/questions/concerns racing through your mind. Balancing an open mind and optimism of success with the realistic understanding that there may not be a positive pregnancy test is challenging. You may even end up wondering, “Will it ever work?” Because you are not alone in these feelings, RMA of Connecticut invites you to join Dr. Joshua Hurwitz, Reproductive Endocrinologist, and Chelsea Merwin, Patient Navigator, for a Facebook Live discussion that dives into the best ways to continue past the first attempt, if necessary, and keep going until you get the positive result we all hope for!


And, As Always, Don't Forget To Join Us For:

*Third Party: Drop-In Support Group - Friday, October 5th at 7:30am in our RMA of Connecticut Norwalk office

This group welcomes people in all stages of their family building process – from thinking about moving forward using an egg and/ or sperm donor to choosing a donor, to beginning your cycle and finally, to parenting. Facilitated by Lisa Schuman, LCSW. For information & questions, please call 203-750-7407.


*Fertility: Drop-In Support Group - Friday, October 12th at 7:30am in our RMA of Connecticut Norwalk office

If you are a patient at RMA of Connecticut, we invite you to join us for this drop- in support group, facilitated by Lisa Schuman, LCSW. For information & questions, please call 203-750-7407.


*Fertile Yoga - See Schedule Below

Yoga, meditation and deep relaxation can help one make more satisfying decisions, communicate more clearly with their partner & doctor, and sustain treatment with a more positive perspective. Please RSVP to this event by emailing Lisa Rosenthal at lrosenthal@rmact.com.


*Ladies Night In - See Schedule Below

This peer support group is free of charge and open to the public. It is facilitated by Lisa Rosenthal who is a patient advocate and former fertility patient. This group will foster support, conversation and comradery amongst fellow infertility patients. Please RSVP to this event by emailing Lisa at lrosenthal@rmact.com