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Dealing With Infertility at Home: 7 Virtual Escapes for Earth Day Blog Feature
Matt Boley

By: Matt Boley on April 22nd, 2020

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Dealing With Infertility at Home: 7 Virtual Escapes for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

As you know, RMA of CT loves celebrating holidays.

This Wednesday is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, an important holiday where we take the time to appreciate the earth and the fascinating things it provides. So naturally, there’s that desperate desire to hike through nature and give the world the love it deserves. 

Spreading some eco-friendly love is a great way to practice gratitude in a time where “gratitude” feels like it’s really testing us. We’re at the height of a pandemic, fertility cycles have been interrupted or outright canceled, our health has been threatened on a communal level like never before in our lifetimes, and weddings, showers, and huge life moments have been postponed or altogether stripped from calendars. We get it - pulling your mind away entirely from those things is impossible.

Plus, social distancing physically prevents us from venturing too far from our homes, especially when there are other people involved. Exploring the Earth around us is not an option given the mental and physical barriers with which we’re currently dealing.

But maybe there’s room for a virtual escape, even if just for a brief digital moment…

As easy as you’re reading this blog, you can explore the great outdoors with the amazing options below. How is sitting on your computer a proper way to celebrate nature?

Because right now, your computer is offering you a more close-up view of the earth than you might be able to safely get outside the home. 

Visiting other parts of the world isn’t the only way to go virtual…

Check out all our virtual offerings during this time.

7 Ways to Become a Virtual Voyager 

Most people associate Google Earth as a way to see what your town might look like from a bird’s view, but it can be so much more than that. Introducing Google Voyager, where you can select a themed preset that marks locations that you can explore in full detail. 

Along with the virtual tour, you get a complimentary video and a brief article about each location you’re exploring. Let’s take a look at 7 ways you can get your Earth Day on using this futuristic Google Earth feature.


1. National Parks

What are some of the best places to explore mother nature in the US? National Parks, of course! 

Virtual Voyager has an amazing premade list of National Parks across America. Their National Park feature is an amazing way to see some preserved land of which you’ve never even heard.

Or, if you’d rather see your favorite National Park, you can simply look it up, and Virtual Voyager will easily take you there. 


2. Bird Watching 

National Parks not your thing? Maybe you’re a bigger fan of the Animal Kingdom? 

Your online tour guide has it. 

Virtual Voyager gives you a number of options to get a front row seat thanks to nest cams at a variety of Audubon

Embrace that motherly instinct and watch some of the Animal Kingdom’s best mothers in action. 

3. Ice and Snow From Space

If you’re one of the rare ones that love a winter wonderland, this is the list for you. 

Ice and Snow from Space takes you across the coldest parts of the globe and see some real-life winter wonderlands from above. If you think watching the snowfall out your window is beautiful, you should see it from space. 

4. Astonishing Caves

Is your house or apartment feeling like a cave these days? Maybe, but don’t let that stop you from a little virtual spelunking! 

Caves are one of the most beautiful things about mother nature, but they’re so hard to find. With Astonishing Caves, you can explore the most exotic caves around the world. Literally surround yourself with the earth in this virtual tour.  

5. Climb Mount Everest 

This is for all your climbers out there, feeling trapped by the lows of social distancing.

Mount Everest is probably every climbers’ dream, but only a rare few can say they’ve done it. Now, you can be one of those people… well, virtually.

On Everest Base Camp Trek you can explore the historic landmarks and get a beautiful view of the famous mountain top itself. 

6. Virtual Volcanos 

Is Everest not dangerous enough for you? That’s all right. We can up the ante with some heat.

Let’s get uncomfortably (but comfortably, because you’ll be on your couch) close to some Volcanos! Going through 10,000 Years of Volcanos gives you over 1,400 volcanos to explore. 

Like Everest, volcanos are rare locations that only some have a chance to see, until now. Go volcano diving yourself, without having to worry about melting.

7. Now Test Those Skills

If you’ve mastered every tour, now is the chance to learn about it

Google Earth also has a number of short quizzes where you can explore the location while answering a few multiple choice questions. 

Earth Day is meant to be a day where you appreciate the Earth, so what’s more appreciative than getting to know it better? Test your skills on animals, the ocean, or the land, all while exploring places you might never get to visit in-person. Maybe you’ll come out on the other side a little more insightful, understanding, and worldly. 

Allow Yourself to Escape and Enjoy Earth Day 

We know staying indoors can be frustrating. Especially in a time like this. 

Virtual World can help you escape from the fertility anxieties you may be feeling and see something new. It might allow you to get lost for a brief moment, which is perfectly fine. Hey, maybe it’ll even help you plan a future trip for when we emerge from this social distancing season! 

Get out there (by going nowhere) and explore the Earth. You deserve to check out for a moment and lift your spirits. Fertility journeys are picking back up, now that isolation mandates are lifting, so the full-sprint is just ahead. Take today to thank the ground below you, breathe, scroll, and explore, all from the device you’re on right now.

Need Some More Entertainment When Social Distancing?

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About Matt Boley

Matt manages the Marketing Team at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT) and Gay Parents To Be. He received his undergraduate degree in English from Fairfield University, and is currently pursuing an MBA in Marketing & Management from the University of Connecticut.