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Wendy Kampman

Wendy Kampman is a 43-year-old who currently works as an executive director for a Biotech, to help develop medicines for patients with immunological disorders. She grew up in the Netherlands, where her parents and sister still live. After medical school, she became a pediatrician and subspecialised in Pediatric Intensive Care. Medical training and her work for the pharmaceutical industry brought her to New York after she spent time in Paris and London (and on aircrafts!). She and her other half moved to Fairfield, CT, and are so fortunate to live in a beautiful home with their daughter close to the beach. Wendy loves to be outside, go for walks, run, bike, play tennis or the piano, and she tries to sing as well. Wendy hopes that by telling her story, she will be able to help prevent other women from going through the same painful and costly journey.

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By: Wendy Kampman
April 23rd, 2018

Read what #RMACT patient, Wendy Kampman, MD has to say about RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association's theme of #FliptheScript, and what she wished she knew about #FamilyBuilding.