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Ellie Downs, RN

Ellie is an RN with nearly 10 years of experience in Women's Health related fields. After spending 3 years as a labor and delivery nurse in South Carolina, Ellie and her husband moved to NYC where she spent 3 years working at a well-known fertility center. After another move and after taking some time off after her first child, Ellie joined the RMACT team in 2012 where she has been involved with the PCOS program as well as with patient education related to preconception and early pregnancy health and wellness. Personally and professionally health, wellness, and an active lifestyle are Ellie's passions.

Blog Feature

PCOS | Health | Wellness | Exercise

By: Ellie Downs, RN
June 30th, 2015

Making small adjustments in lifestyle choices make a big difference in how PCOS can affect you. Here are some tips for managing PCOS with exercise.

Blog Feature

PCOS | Health | Fertility Treatment

By: Ellie Downs, RN
April 9th, 2015

The effects of PCOS are much more than infertility, but we are here to help. A nurse explains why you should seek treatment to manage PCOS and get pregnant.