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Dan Houle - Where’s the F%&$#!ing Stork?!"

Dan Houle was born and raised in New Hampshire and, true to his roots, he is a lover of all things flannel. Dan moved to Connecticut in 2008, where he currently resides with his wife, Justine, and fur-baby, Ralphie. Dan works at Speciality Rolled Metals and is a General Manager of their distribution plant in Reading, PA. He enjoys spending his free time with his family, whether it's at the beach, hiking, cooking, or trying new restaurants - Dan is always up for having a good time with those he loves.

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Male Infertility | Infertility Awareness | Love and Infertility | infertility courage | In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) | featured

#SayingtheFWord isn't just for women. Dan Houle gives us a glimpse into his emotional journey as he and Justine navigate through their infertility highs and lows.

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men's health | featured | Featured Story | InfertilitySupport | InfertiltySupport | infertility support

Dan Houle, of "Where's the F%&$#!ng Stork?", takes us through the unpredictability of fertility treatment with his account of their very first IUI cycle.

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Infertility | Male Infertility | Infertility Awareness | Love and Infertility | InfertilitySupport

Dan Houle shares a man's perspective of what it's like for a couple undergoing infertility testing and treatment.

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Infertility | Love and Infertility | Getting Pregnant | featured

A potential father experiencing the pain of infertility. A potential father who is having trouble trying to conceive shares his personal emotions/experiences.