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Email Encryption

At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut, the health, well-being, and privacy of our patients are top priorities—that’s why we’re adopting Microsoft's email encryption service to better protect our patients' health information.

Encrypted emails from RMACT

If you're currently a patient at RMACT, every email you receive from our staff will have an attachment called "message.html" that contains the actual contents of the encrypted message.


Set up your device to work with encrypted emails

In order to open this attachment and view the encrypted message, you can download the free OME Viewer App on your iOS or Android device, or sign up / sign in with a free Microsoft account to view the message on your computer.

Download the app for your iPhone/ iPad

Download the app for your Android device

Create an account for your computer


Open the encrypted attachment

After downloading the app or setting up your Microsoft account, you can follow these instructions to view the encrypted attachment.

How to view using your iPhone/iPad

How to view using your Android device

How to view using your computer

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