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RMACT Secondary Infertility Treatments

Become an Egg Donor

Accomplish Your Goals While Helping Others Achieve Theirs

No matter your reason for becoming an egg donor, you will change lives and help an individual or couple achieve the family they’ve always dreamed of. And having done so, you will know the truest sense of accomplishment, while also furthering your own dreams of helping to afford college, put a down payment on a new home or travel the world. With this gesture and action, you will know you are doing something meaningful—and RMACT can help.

How do I get started donating my eggs?

Here are the steps you will need to complete. Please remember that we are with you every step of the way to answer questions and concerns:

  1. Fill out this online application
  2. You will be contacted once it is determined you meet the basic criteria
  3. Next, you will meet the Egg Donor IVF team and complete your medical and psychological screening
  4. Once you have finished and passed the screening, you will be matched with a recipient
  5. After a match is made, you will start the egg donation cycle, including administering daily medications
  6. Eggs will then be retrieved and the process is complete

If you have more questions, visit our FAQs here.


Successful egg donation starts here

Egg donors must be women between the ages of 21 and 30. They must have a healthy lifestyle, be a non-smoker and high school graduate (college preferred), while demonstrating success in her chosen career or academic area of study. Healthy women of all ethnicities are needed as egg donors.

What can I expect as an egg donor?

You will be asked to complete a thorough questionnaire detailing your family history, personal medical history and your personal achievements, as well as your lifestyle choices. It is also likely you will be asked why you want to be an egg donor.

All egg donors are screened for infectious disease, genetic conditions, psychological and gynecological health.

What is the compensation for egg donation?

Once you are accepted into the donor program, you will receive $250. Upon completion of your egg donation cycle, you will receive $7,750. As an egg donor at RMACT, you will also receive a free physical exam, chromosome analysis and genetic testing. 

If you choose to do so, you can donate up to six times. 

For further questions, please contact us here.


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