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Anonymous Egg Donation

Anonymous Egg Donation at RMA of Connecticut

Prospective parents who participate in the egg donation program at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut have their choice of two types of egg donors: anonymous or identified. Choosing to get to know the donor – or not – is a very personal decision for parents that should be made after due consideration of what is right for them. There are many valid reasons why the recipient and donor may wish – or not wish – to be identified to each other.

Anonymous egg donors are exactly that: carefully-screened women who are recruited specifically for egg donation to recipient couples and whose identities are kept confidential. These donors are compensated for the significant commitment of time and effort that they make during the donation cycle.

RMACT follows the highest standards for recruiting anonymous egg donors, adhering to screening guidelines recommended by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the United States Food and Drug Administration. This lowers the stress level of couples in our fertility treatment program.

All egg donors must first undergo medical, genetic and psychological evaluations before being accepted into our program. Egg donor candidates complete a questionnaire covering their medical and family histories as well as their social habits. Their responses are carefully reviewed by the RMACT Donor Egg Nurse Manager, Clinical Coordinator and Medical Director to determine the donor’s suitability and ascertain any potential risk for significant medical or genetic disorders.

The potential egg donor and her partner (if applicable) are then invited to meet with RMACT’s team to learn more about egg donation: why women need donors, the process involved in egg donation, and the emotional, psychosocial, ethical and legal issues pertaining to egg donation. This important counseling helps evaluate the potential donor’s well-being and level of comfort with the unique stresses of being an egg donor.

After completing the review process, donors undergo various tests to assure good medical health (including a physical exam by a RMACT physician or physician assistant), laboratory and genetic testing.

In an anonymous donation, the donor and the recipient do not meet or exchange names. Recipient couples are allowed to review pertinent medical and genetic history information as well as a physical description and childhood photograph of the donor. This is because they may want to choose an egg donor who shares some of their physical and personal traits.

Our egg donation program takes the confidentiality of our egg donors and egg recipients very seriously. When an anonymous egg donor is involved, both parties remain anonymous to each other and must agree not to seek information concerning the other. We ensure that the recipient and donor are in separate locations to avoid any contact.

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