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Affording Treatment

Integramed | Attain IVF Program

integramed-attain-ivf-program1 In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a viable treatment for many couples dealing with infertility; however, more than one cycle is often required to achieve a pregnancy.

For IVF patients with insurance coverage concerns, Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut offers a solution through its collaborative relationship with IntegraMed America: a multi-cycle money back guarantee program called Attain IVF (formerly Shared Risk Refund Program).

The Attain IVF Refund Program provides multiple IVF treatment cycles for a single discounted and fixed fee. The program includes up to six treatment cycles (three IVF cycles and three frozen embryo cycles). Fees are determined based on your age, customized treatment plan, and the clinic’s price schedule.

When you take a baby home, IntegraMed retains the full fee. If treatment is unsuccessful, IntegraMed refunds up to 70 percent of the fee to women using their own eggs and up to 100 percent for donor egg recipients. These guaranteed refunds allow you to allocate your resources to other family building options.

Certain medical eligibility criteria must be met before IntegraMed accepts you into its program; the acceptance decision is made solely by IntegraMed. Since the Attain IVF Program requires participants to waive their rights to any insurance reimbursement, it can be an excellent option for patients without coverage for infertility treatment.

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut is committed to helping patients stay in treatment so they can increase their chances of taking home a baby. We want to help you build your family.

The Attain™ IVF Refund Program

Thousands of people have made their dream of having a family come true through In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment. But the reality is that most people will require more than one IVF cycle to be successful. And patients who commit to three cycles almost double their chances of having a baby.

At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut, we understand that many patients do not have insurance coverage for assisted reproductive technology, and that financial anxiety can complicate the decision to pursue treatment. We’re pleased to announce the availability of the Attain IVF Program (formerly known as the IntegraMed™ Shared Risk™ Refund Program).

The Attain IVF Program is designed to increase your opportunity to get the outcome you want-a baby-while managing the cost of IVF treatment.

  • You pay a single, discounted fee.
  • You receive up to 6 cycles (3 IVF and 3 frozen embryo transfers).
  • If you don’t take a baby home from the hospital, you’re guaranteed a refund-70% for IVF treatment plans
  • Special program for patients using donor eggs -up to 100% refund

Three out of four participants who complete the program take home a baby. There are no risks or obligations to find out if you qualify.

Find out if you qualify for IVF cost assistance – ask one of our financial
counselors to submit a clinical application on your behalf.

For more information, call IntegraMed at 1-866-YOUR-IVF (1-866-968-7483).

The Attain IVF Program may be financed through Springstoneplan.com, which offers convenient, low-interest and flexible financing programs for all types of fertility treatments including IUI and IVF, surgery, prerequisite testing, and the Attain IVF Program. You may apply online at attainivf.com.
Loan applications are subject to credit approval.

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut is committed to helping patients stay in treatment so they can increase their chances of taking home a baby. We want to help you build your family. Contact us for more information about options for financing your fertility treatment.

If you are interested in more information about the Attain IVF Program from IntegraMed, please speak with your financial services representative, or contact us.

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