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Affording Treatment

Financing Fertility Treatment

In addition to providing infertility treatment financial counseling to our patients, we also offer a financing program that provides convenient, low-interest payment plans designed specifically for financing fertility treatments. Through MedicalFinancing.com, a third-party finance company, this plan offers interest rates that are significantly lower than those of credit cards or other finance companies. Through this infertility treatment finance plan, it is possible for virtually all couples to receive the fertility treatments that they need, no matter what their financial status.



Are you trying to conceive or planning for fertility treatment in 2020? Check out our comprehensive reference guide to financing for fertility treatment today. 

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Fertility Treatment Financing Programs

The Fertility Treatment Patient Financing Program works to eliminate financial obstacles, allowing patients to budget wisely, avoid cash flow problems and hold on to their savings or investments. There are no pre-payment penalties, hidden fees, or down payment requirements. Payment plans are individually tailored with low fixed or variable interest rates and loans are available from $2,000 to $25,000, with other loans and terms available.

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut is committed to helping patients stay in treatment so they can increase their chances of taking home a baby. We want to help you build your family. Contact us for more information about options for financing your fertility treatment.


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