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Circle of Support – A Team Approach to Overcoming Infertility

RMACT patient Alyson credits the positive, embracing circle of support at RMACT and the Integrated Fertility and Wellness (IFW) program for helping her through treatment.

Seeking Expert Advice

After trying to get pregnant on their own for a year, Alyson and her husband David went on a mission to seek expert advice on fertility. They met with board certified Reproduction Endocrinologist Dr. Spencer Richlin, who decided to run diagnostic testing to determine why they were having difficulty getting pregnant. After one test revealed that Alyson had a mild thyroid condition, Dr. Richlin felt it would be best to start treatment.

A Team Who Roots For You Every Step of the Way

“It was the most challenging period of my life,” Alyson says about her treatment period. “At any other facility, I probably would have felt like I was drowning through it all. But when I stepped into RMACT’s offices, I felt strangely at peace, even on days when I know I was going there for unpleasant reasons. The administrative staff, medical assistants, nurses, and of course physicians always made me feel like I was a part of a warm and welcoming team of individuals… a team who was always rooting for me and lifting me up every step of the way.”

Alyson wanted a positive, embracing circle of support, and she found that in the RMACT Care Team. “They saw me cry, they saw me laugh, and they even saw me do my silly ‘follicle dance’ when I went in for ultrasounds.”

Alyson also availed herself to the Integrated Wellness and Fertility (IFW) program at RMACT. “Through Fertile Yoga with Lisa, and acupuncture with Amy, I made a connection with my mind and body that I had not even considered making before. I feel that these practices wholeheartedly provided me with a sense of calm, understanding control over a situation that I had no control over, which was one of the most difficult aspects of undergoing infertility treatments.

“At my darkest moments of ‘I can’t believe this is happening to me,’ they provided me with an outlet to grieve, all the while encouraging me by listening and even sharing their own infertility stories, which helped me realize that this was indeed a journey and I was not alone.”

Tell us about your experience with your RMACT Care Team:

My team consisted of Dr. Richlin, Jennifer, Angie, Michael R., Lisa, and Amy. They were simply amazing. Every e-mail was returned very quickly and informatively (sometimes within minutes) and every in-person encounter was equally as gratifying. There were times when I was talking with some of my team so much, I felt like I wanted to meet them somewhere for coffee so we could talk as "friends!" The medical assistants at each office I visited were also always very kind and outgoing.. Everyone on my team had a very good "read" of my overall personality when I walked through the doors - since my journey had so many ups and downs - and they seemed to adjust accordingly depending on that. It was like they were mind readers!

What advice would you offer a friend who was having trouble conceiving?

“Well, of course I would refer her to RMACT right off the bat, but I would also let her know that undergoing fertility treatment is indeed a journey. It will have its high and low points, unexpected turns, and rough and smooth patches. But it will have an end, as all journeys do. One way or another, no matter the outcome, it will come to an end, and you will get through it.”

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