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    We switched from another practice, and the difference was night and day. … nothing but fabulous things to say about the care of our doctors and nurses.

    C.R., Norwalk, CT

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    Infertility Support Groups

    Infertility can be emotionally and physically draining for women and men alike. It can lead to complex feelings, such as failure, guilt, blame, regret and isolation. While these feelings may be new to an infertility patient, they are common responses. That’s why Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut offers infertility support groups for its patients and their partners. Participants find it helpful to learn new coping skills, as well as find comfort in meeting and sharing with others who are facing the same fertility challenges.

    Infertility support groups, which take place throughout the year at our various Connecticut locations, are facilitated either by our licensed social workers or staff, all of whom have gone through infertility treatment themselves.

    Our licensed social workers and Integrated Fertility Wellness Team facilitate several support groups, some of which are designed around particular needs. Your nurse or patient coordinator can provide additional information about any groups that may be helpful to you and your partner.

    Patients can also join us for our peer-run groups, which we call Ladies Night In. These informal evenings include a light dinner and offer encouragement and support. Ladies Night In is led by two of our staff members who are former fertility patients, Carrie Van Steen and Lisa Rosenthal. Together, Carrie and Lisa have over 30 years in the fertility field and they share their professional, clinical and personal perspectives.  As Carrie recently said: “We all deserve… a place to feel like we are not alone; to feel validated with just a nod from the beautiful soul sitting in front of us; and to get a sincere hug and a box of tissues from someone who has been through many similar experiences.”

    Peer-run support groups are also offered by RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. You can find out about these groups by visiting RESOLVE’s local website.

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