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    Your doctors and staff are all wonderful. I knew I was in good hands and once again, I am pregnant. Thank you all so very much!

    Stamford, CT

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    Couple/Individual Therapy Counseling

    Infertility Support

    Many infertility patients find it beneficial to receive professional counseling at some point during their treatment. Often this is done when couples are at critical decision points in their treatment, such as whether or not to try IVF, use an egg donor, give up treatment, or pursue adoption.

    Counseling for Infertility

    Trained professional counselors understand the emotional complexities and challenges of fertility treatment and related issues. They can provide counseling on an individual or couples basis, depending on your specific issues and areas of concern.

    Learn more about our Integrated Fertility and Wellness Program.

    If you’d like additional information on available couples/individual therapy and counseling, contact us below.

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    Learn About Fertility Treatment Options.

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